New Church Time, Rowen Funny, and New Art

Our church changed times today, so we meet from 1-4 p.m. for the next year.

We share the space with 2 other wards so someone has to, but we think this was actually designed as a test of faithfulness for all the toddler parents in our congregation.

It worked.

After a morning at home, 3 hours of church, no naps, a rushed trip to Red Hat (gotta continue the weekly tradition, but need to figure this part out), and home again, everyone was generally exhausted and cranky. But we’ll get used to it. Mainly because what choice do we have, right? :D

One nice side benefit is our ability to “trade off” as we say around here - so that one of us gets a break while the other is down playing with kids. Kept the morning going pretty well. :)

We were getting ready for church and Rowen was playing with a cup in the sink in our bathroom while Jared showered (long gone are the days of the hope of showering in a room alone).

She came in where I was getting Elliott ready and said, “I am putting water down the overflow hole and it goes down the pipe and out of our house!”

I said, “Ah! Did daddy teach you this?” (Even for Rowen this is a bit much for her to have figured out on her own…)

“Yes! And isn’t it GOOD NEWS?!”

Great news! At least one of the drains in our house still works! :D

New Art 

Well, I got the prints I ordered from ErinZam at Etsy framed. They are hanging on the left wall as you enter the kitchen, and they are so perfect! Having cool art on the wall feels so nice. :)



Someone mentioned in a comment awhile back about perhaps the reason we weren’t really feeling the “homeyness” here is that we hadn’t put our own touches up (we can pinpoint the moment at which we kind of stopped with the house as the day we moved in…). We’ve definitely been making more of an effort here in the past few weeks, and it helps. :)

Speaking of the day we moved in! This weekend represents our one-year house-a-versary! We closed in August last year, spent a month re-doing the house (tearing down wallpaper, repainting the entire place, new carpet, new appliances, light fixtures, etc), and then moved in over Labor Day! Hard to believe we have a year of life in this house. But coming home feels so much more like coming home these days, and that feels good.

I’ve gotten myself into watching HGTV Design Star. Hehe. Now it’s 9 p.m. and a bowl of popcorn is calling my name! 

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