Long Time Gone, etc.

Okay whoa.

Every now and then I just need to lay low. One of the ways I attempt to keep balance in my life (*attempt* being the keyword around here lately) is to let some of the small stuff go for awhile. Sometimes this means emails (if you’re waiting for a reply, this will change starting tomorrow), sometimes it means that laundry piles up for a couple extra days. This time it meant that I let the blog go for a few days. By the time it comes midnight and I’ve been on the computer for several hours (and as many hours during the day as I can squeeze in), I just don’t have anything left. But I’ll get back on track here. :) The Big Project is almost done, and I’m anxious for the busy time to slow down a bit.


Rowen started preschool yesterday.  :D



 We missed the “standard” preschool registration at the church preschools back in February. I had no idea that preschool registration was such a dogfight… a lottery, a huge wait in line, secret waiting lists, etc. (And naturally you can’t do any of this stuff online, so I was at a disadvantage from the beginning…). We know Rowen is ready for a little bit of structure, for the chance to interact with other kids, for the learning environment of preschool, so we were pretty bummed that we had missed out on it this year.

Then, just 3 weeks ago, a friend of ours from church, who is moving, said that because she’s moving there’d be a spot opening up at her daughter’s preschool, and would we be interested? It’s a home-based neighborhood preschool just blocks from our house.

Uh. Yes.

Yes, we would be interested. 

We were so excited, and Rowen was totally over the moon! I got about 5 crappy pictures before she just couldn’t stand it anymore and had to go inside to be with the other kids and explore her new environment. She’s got 6 classmates, and we feel incredibly lucky and blessed that this opportunity came to us. :) And now I have first-day-of-school pictures. ;) I think my girl will thrive in her new environment. It’s so cool to be making this transition. I feel kinda.. big now. :D

Elliott and I came home, and he took a nap. His new accessory of choice is our ever-popular red hat from Red Hat. Here’s what he looked like when I went to get him up, proof again that it’s possible to almost be killed from cuteness:


I’m on the verge of finishing The Big Project, and then I’m off to teach at Memory Trends this weekend. After that there’s only one more trip this year, but I’ll be spending a lot of time prepping and teaching online classes in the meantime. And speaking of that…

Online Classes 

We are finishing up our second session of Up & Running with Photoshop class on Sunday. What a ride! We’ve had an incredible time learning digital scrapbooking. If you’ve been waiting to take this class, I’ll be holding one more session before the end of the year (I’m thinking October-November). Sign up for my newsletter to stay informed on the dates for this one.

I’m hard at work developing the second in the series of digital scrapbooking classes, Now We’re Rockin’ With Photoshop. More details will be publicly announced on this next week, but if you’re an advanced beginner or intermediate digital scrapbooker, or you’ve taken the Up & Running class, this class is for you. Registration is October 8, and class begins October 15. Can’t wait!

New Contest: Stand Up and Scrap

There’s a cool new digi contest if you haven’t seen it yet: Stand Up and Scrap. Proceeds from the mega-kit/entrance fee go to The Alliance for Climate Protection. Here’s how to register. Registration goes until the 16th, and the contest starts on the 18th, so there’s still time! :D 

So that’s the haps. What’s new with you? 

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