Socks, Plumber, Birthday.

So Rowen has been into socks lately.

She wakes us up in the morning, and she’s got socks on her feet, having put them on unheard at some point during the night. She’s sampled Jared’s socks (on hands and on feet), Elliott’s socks (mostly too small), and the other day she pulled on two of mine (it’s like 11 a.m. in this picture, she had had them on all morning long):


With her capri pants on she looked pretty hip, actually - she could’ve worn a cowl-neck wool sweater and some high-heeled boots and called it good, except that her socks were a little mismatched.

I said, “You’re wearing one brown sock and one black sock.”

She said, “Yes! One brown sock and one black sock!”

I said, “You know, normally people wear two socks that are the same color.”

She said, with a smile of great pride, “But I’M NOT NORMALLY!”

Rock on, little darlin. Rock on.

Meeting a Plumber for the First Time

We have a stand-up shower in our master bathroom that has been draining more and more slowly over the past several months. It is a pretty nasty feeling to have water swirling around y0ur ankles as you shower. Especially water full of shampoo and shaved hair. Sorry for the visual. Two bottles of Drano over a couple of days did nothing, so I scheduled a plumber (Roto-Rooter even has an online scheduler! neat! I love never having to call anyone on the phone anymore).

The plumber came yesterday morning, made some mysterious drain-cleaning-related noises in the bathroom for 15 minutes, and handed us a bill for $179.00 on his way out. I stood there with the yellow paper in my hands and my mouth open, gasping for air, and Jared said, “That’s why we don’t want to call the plumber very often.” Clearly we are in the wrong line of work.

Of course, the downside of this line of work is actually doing the work of being a plumber. *shudder* I totally mean no disparagement here. I’m sure there are upsides, like installation, disconnecting and reconnecting when people remodel, but I would imagine that opening and cleaning drains full of soap and shampoo and hair probably doesn’t rank right up there in the faves, even for a plumber. But $179.00 for 15 minutes of it sure ain’t bad.


Just wanted to say thanks for the birthday wishes. Tuesday was pretty much a perfect day - of brunch with some ladies from church, taking myself shopping, out to dinner and the mall (still on the fence about the iPhone, but I got |—| this close), and the best part? I turned off my computer and basically did nothing. :P I’ve been paying for it ever since, of course, playing catch-up, but it was worth it. :) I’ll share some pics of my new scrap table and my new artwork (found the 10x10 frames at A.C. Moore today! Yay!)

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