Big Steps

Today was one of the hottest days I’ve ever lived through. It’s easy to whine about heat when it’s 85 and humid, and when it’s 95 and humid. I think if it reaches 101 and humid (making it something like 112 today), you push right past the whining phase and just hunker down, sweaty, breathless, either in front of a fan/ac unit or at the pool. Today was the pool. It was scorching hot. I sat in about 18 inches of water (chest-high to Ele), tangibly feeling the sun on my head and the back of my neck. The sunscreen melted into my eyes (also: Elliott has decided it’s great fun to splash me, especially with my face so close to his height now, who can resist? so that didn’t help with the running sunscreen… and good times! They say it’s another record-breaker here in NC tomorrow. And I started this out saying that sometimes it’s too hot to make whining even an effective way of expressing how hot it was. It still is, but I whined anyway. ;)

Rowen had her first-ever swimming lesson today (in the indoor pool - hooray!).  I was the obvious newbie mom giggling into my fingers every time she moved (oh look! she picked up a ring from the bottom of the 12-inch-deep water! Hey! She’s kicking while being towed on an orange noodle!). I was so proud of her! She has been very timid about the water, and my total fear of Rowen + Swimming Pools hasn’t helped that at all. I did a layout for a MM book a year ago about this:

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I’ll admit that the fear has gotten better now that we’re going to a 0-depth entry pool and Elliott’s a little older, but it was a big step for everyone to go to swimming lessons today. :) Her teacher was awesome, and she listened (!) for the full half-hour, putting her face in the water, laying on her back, jumping off the side, all kinds of stuff she simply has never done before.