Midmorning Rowen Cuteness

Rowen is coloring at the card table here in the office, and she usually has a kind of running commentary going (I think a lot of kids have this kind of external stream-of-consciousness), which I tune in and out of while I’m working.

I just overheard:

“His troubles will go off his mind, mama.”

<I tune back in> “Whose troubles?”

“Daddy’s troubles will go off his mind when he sees this beautiful card I am making for him.”

I think she’s right.

Others in the past few minutes:

(as she colors a new card): “I think it’s going to be bluish-blue.”

“Mama, I’m in Norf Carolina.”

“Maybe THIS is orange! Orange is my favorite color!” 

 “Maybe we can buy you a badge like daddy so you can open the Red Hat door. Because the Red Hat doors have a beeper that daddy can put his badge and wallet on and then you can open it up! Maybe we can buy you a badge and a wallet.”