Photoshop Friday! Justified text in Photoshop Elements!

I’ve been telling everyone for a long time that you can’t do justified text in Photoshop Elements (i.e. straight margins on both sides). After all, there’s no button for it. So I assumed (and I’ve read in dozens of other places) that left, center, and right justification were all we had.

I learned differently just a week or so ago, and I’m willing to wager I’m not the only one who didn’t know this. ;) So here it is in a Photoshop Friday! Fully justified text in Photoshop Elements! I love learning new stuff!

Of course, you full version users have had this all along. Simply go to Window > Paragraph, target your paragraph, and click the appropriate button. :)

Justified Text in PSE (4 and 5)

1. Open a new blank document.

2. Select your Horizontal Type tool.

3. Draw a text box (only available in PSE 4 and 5).

4. Type your text (I used the Lorem Ipsum generator for my “greeked” text) 

5. When you’re finished, make sure that your Type tool is  selected, and that you’ve got a cursor blinking somewhere inside of your text box. You’ll notice that I’ve got the Left Align button clicked in the Options Bar at the top of my screen, so my text is left aligned.

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6. Here’s the important part: Hit Ctrl-Shift-j. This is the hotkey command for full justification, and it works in PSE, even if there’s no button for it.

Your text box turns fully justified. Neat! You’ll also notice that none of the alignment buttons are active in the Options bar anymore.

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This is very cool if you want to make column text like a newspaper, or if you want to do some manual shaping using tabs and spaces.

Here’s another shot with the text deselected, so you can see it:

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NOTE:  In my preliminary use of this, it actually appears that all your text boxes will default to full justification after you’ve set this, unless you click one of the alignment buttons in the Options Bar at the top of the screen.

I hope you have a super, Phabulous Photoshop Phriday! :D :D