Share why you do this.

There’s a very interesting discussion going on over here:

A couple of days ago, Debra Roby, who is a Craft editor for the BlogHer network (female bloggers, banding together, yeah!), posted an article about scrapbooking. Wondering why we scrap?

She located a post of mine from a couple months ago, and quoted it in her article as evidence that we think about this stuff. I know we do. She is wondering what the can’t-miss scrap blogs are? Wondering why we scrap? Wondering what we get out of this hobby? What keeps you motivated, and why you choose to spend your precious time doing this, instead of something else? She’s totally not condescending. This is not an argument, but an opportunity for us to explain why we scrap. She’s actually wondering where all the scrappers are. ;)

Go and register and comment. Let your voice be heard. :)