Back from Nashville!

I arrived back from Nashville this afternoon. Totally didn’t have as much time to post and stay updated as I wanted to have, but that’s because we were pulling off an amazing event. :)

I need to say special thank you to the students in our Scrapbook Alchemy class! You guys were awesome!

And an extra-special thank-you to Ismelda, Jen Strange (who ran out to the office supply store to pick up more magenta ink - thank you, girl!), Steve Jaanusson, Jennifer White (who sells at SOTB , and who stayed the entire afternoon on Saturday to help print), Mark Stringham (who saved us all… :D),  and Tabitha, without whom our class would have been impossible. The TA’s for a class like ours, where everyone brings a laptop and we create pages together, are absolutely critical to the success of the class. I hope they know how much their help means.

The iPhone Sign

So I was kind of on the fence about getting an iPhone. I mean, who can resist a device that actually changes aspect ratio right before your eyes if you just flip the thing sideways? And let’s talk about email, a cool camera, the web browser, oh and … it’s a phone.

So the only thing keeping me on the fence is that it’s $600. So that’s a pretty big fence. I figured to myself.. I have a cell phone. I have a camera. I have an iPod. I have a laptop. That’s pretty much all the functionality I need right there, right? Except it’s not all encased in a sleek and sexy silver-and-black case that changes aspect ratio right before your eyes.

Then I sat next to an iPhone guy on the plane to Nashville. He’s a software engineer, and we basically talked technology, and mainly iPhones, the whole way there. I drilled him keenly about the device’s limitations, hoping to talk myself down off of that fence, and he was honest. There’s not a ton of storage. The wireless when you’re not near actual wireless service is really slow.

And then he leaned over without another thought (or getting out any more devices, of course) and took a picture of the clouds out the window. 

Back on the fence again. 

Then I show up at CKU, where our friend Ali is sporting what? A brand new iPhone. Fitting snugly into the palm. Tap-and-scroll through web pages, contacts, email. Type text messages. And that darned aspect ratio. By the end of this weekend, I am so ready to jump off the fence. I think bumping in to so many people who own them is some kind of sign, right?

After all, it’s my birthday on Tuesday…

Today’s Funny 

I’ll just quickly post today’s funny and go to bed. 

We were eating dinner tonight, and Jared and I were talking. I said, in the context of some conversation I don’t even remember, “I am a scrapbooker!”

Rowen said, “You are a SCRAPBOOKER, mama?”

I said “Yes!”

And Elliott said, “Mama a cheeseburger!”

When in doubt, go with your closest known word and hope for the best, right? :D So maybe I AM a cheeseburger. Or a scrapbooker. And in the end, is there that much of a difference?