3 for Thursday

3 blogs I’m reading:

 Gala Darling - fashion advice, life advice, and just so cute with the crazy hair and outfits. She signs off with “Love-n-cupcakes” :)

Design*Sponge - she ranges the gamut from modern home decor to kitchenware to fabrics of every kind, and the sidebar links/ads are very cool too!

How to Change the World - Guy Kawasaki is so cool. So tech-chic. Love to read his blog. Maybe it makes me nostalgic for the days when I was in tech for a living. The days when Google searches were about usability testing, table-less CSS, and form design, rather than diaper bags, parenting, and bike trailers. (Incidentally, we’re looking for a bike trailer, if you have any recommendations)…

3 nerdy articles/sites:

Analytics according to Captain Kirk. Is it true that the guys in the red shirts always die? Find out!

TypeTester. Compare screen fonts in real time. 

 Google Docs & Spreadsheets. I use Google docs and spreadsheets way more often than I use my installed MS applications. Easy to share, access from anywhere, and their new interface is awesome. If you have your own web site, you can use their free hosted apps for IM, in-house email, and all the standard office apps (PowerPoint aside, although I have heard rumors that this is coming)

3 cool articles:

 Staying Motivated by Kevin Cornell at A List Apart. Every creative person should read this. (especially those of us who spend more time buying or organizing or surfing than scrapping… sound familiar? …)

 What your sleep position says about you. An older article from the BBC, but very interesting. I’m a fetus (or UK foetus)

 What’s your Decorating Style? Not an article, but a quiz. No surprise here that mine came out Modern. Are your decorating and scrapbooking styles the same?

3 that made me go awwwww

Fairy Doors. Sooo cute. These are like 8 inches high and open to the inside so your own personal fairy can come in and out. Oh man (this shop is owned by Candice Stringham’s sister). I totally want this one. The kind of fairy that would live in my house would come through a door like this.


The Felt Toys pool at Flickr. 

This Bird art print. And, well, this one too. In fact, everything that she makes is awesome! (and darn it all, she shows up in the next set too. hehe)

3 things I just bought:

I really, really needed a new worktable. I’ve been using an ooold wire-n-wood rolling kitchen island (small) and a little folding plastic table next to it for my paper trimmer. My stuff is hanging out everywhere and the workspace is really too small.  I wanted a counter-high island, with some storage underneath, and this one floated to the top of the pile. Done and done. Should be here next week. (oh, and if we lived closer than 3 hours from an ikea, our entire house would be decorated in Ikea goodness…)


3 print set from Erinzam. Wow. Cute and graphic and a little distressed at the same time. Now to find a few 10x10 frames.. 

And there are only 2 here, unless you count chips and salsa and diapers from Target. ;) I should shop more, no? :D

Okay! Got 3 for Thursday? Link me up!