Arccivo goodness, AND on QVC. :D

I just got my hands on an awesome tool. It’s a zippered storage unit/tote/work surface that is fully magnetized on the inside, so you just lay your work in one of the unzipped halves, and then lay the magnetic pad over the top of it.  So cool. It’s called the Arccivo (ar-chee-voh):


I got the blue one, which is really more of a gorgeous light green-blue color, but they have pink, orange, and green as well. Sorry for the press shots - they’re way better than I could take. It’s big, but not TOO big - perfect for two 12x12 layouts and embellishments.


What I like about this is that even though I don’t really go to crops that often, what I DO is work from home in an office that is subject to small fingers who like to pull things down when I’m not looking. I’ve been wondering how to keep all of my layout’s bits & pieces from wandering away in a child-sized hand before I can glue it down. With this I can put my work in progress inside here, zip it up and keep it safe until I can work on it again. At least, that’s the plan. ;)

Donna D. has a cute video on the Arccivo web site here  (caution: the video starts right away when the page loads) that demonstrates how it works.

Best part? This bad boy is appearing on QVC tomorrow, August 14, as part of the QVC Craft Fair. :) Neat! I love it when scrapbookers make cool products that work great. :D

Here’s more details:

  • Arccivo retails for $59.99, but will be, of course (yay QVC) cheaper than that tomorrow.
  • It’ll be on sometime between 9 pm and 12 a.m. (per Donna’s blog). 
  • Available colors on QVC will be Blossom (the pink) and Honeydew (the green). 
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