Superman's Song

Yesterday, for no apparent reason, a song came into my head. I used to listen to this on repeat during those way mellow times in Minnesota, and even before that. It’s Superman’s Song by the Crash Test Dummies.

I located a cool video with most of the song (particularly poignant if you happen to love Superman anyway):


(In addition, this video has the entire song, but isn’t as cool visually:)

Here’s the part of this song I really, REALLY like:

Sometimes, when Soup was stopping crimes,

I’ll bet that he was tempted to just quit and turn his back on man

And join Tarzan in the forest.

But he stayed in the city,

Kept on changing clothes in dirty old phone booths

Til his work was through,

And nothing to do

But go on home

And sometimes I despair

The world will never see another man like him. 

I love the whole idea of superheroes, super powers, rescuing people, that kind of thing. (Wish I had the ability to clone myself a few times, for example). But this song, in addition to being melodically amazing (could you just get lost in Brad Roberts’ ultra-deep voice, or what?), speaks to me because it celebrates not the superhuman power, but the very human idea that sometimes there’s a duty to be done, and you just have to go do it, no matter what else you’d rather do. That’s an idea I can relate to in a big way. I’m no Super(wo)man, but I understand duty and responsibility. Sometimes we are the only person for the job. And all that’s required of us is that we do the job the best way we know. Superman saved the world, but perhaps we’ll change a life or two.

So what song recently came to mind that you haven’t heard or thought of in a few years? What did it remind you of?

And of course, what superpower would you have if you could pick one? I’m thinking flying? The ability to shoot ice out of my fingertips (would have been nice in 106 degrees yesterday)? How about you?



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