100 in 10, day 10.

Wow! Here it is! The end of the list (for now, at least - see the end of this post for some *ahem* motivation … ;).

91. Do a layout about someone you love and their “pet phrases” - call it “You say…”

92. Scrap a layout about all of the jobs you’ve had. Here’s a quote of mine from a recent interview:

“My first two jobs were as a housekeeper in a nursing home and a fry cook at McDonald’s. I’m now a mama, which makes me BOTH a housekeeper and a fry cook, proving that the more things change, the more they stay the same.” 

93. Collect photos that express or trigger within you a single emotion: perhaps it’s longing, regret,  joy, gratitude. The pictures can all be of different times and places (of course). What pictures do you have that powerfully express what you feel?

94. Use this sketch as a jumping-off point:


95. Straight from my new book, Caffeine for the Creative Mind, about change. It says, “… introducing some change int our lives is healthy. Grab a digital camera. … Find ten things that need to be changed and capture them.” The addtional assignment? Scrap it, of course. :D

96. Picture this scenario: You can only make one more layout.  Ever. What will it be? What story is pressing on the inside of your ribcage or the inside of your skull and bursting to get out and be told? What do you really want to say about those pictures or that event that sprang to mind? How will they know unless you tell them?

97. Make a plan and go somewhere you’ve never gone. It doesn’t even have to be that far away, but it must be somewhere you’ve never been before. This might be a restaurant or a museum or a place you’ve been meaning to take the family but things have gotten in the way. Take pictures as appropriate, and record the day. (Alternatively, as is clearly my case: make arrangements to go somewhere you’ve wanted to go but couldn’t take your young children - a local antique store, perhaps? A nice restaurant? Somewhere in your bookstore or library other than the childrens’ section?  Pretty much everywhere on the planet that doesn’t have brightly colored toys and a good escape route? yeah, you know you’re thinking of a place. Just do it. :)

98.  Start a new layout. Grab some digital patterned papers (light or dark, heavily patterned or spare, you might experiment here) and a photo. Now play with blending modes. You’ll be amazed at what might happen. Here’s an example of Hard Light on a photo over a patterned paper (and here are the instructions to do it). I stumbled on this technique when I was playing with blending modes. :D


99. Here’s a quote:

“I have developed an incredibly thick skin when it comes to design, a relatively thick skin when it comes to illustration, and I am a blubbering nine-year-old girl inside when it comes to criticism of my writing.”

-John Foster, Vice President, Fuszion Collaborative (interview given in Caffeine for the Creative Mind) 

Sometimes recognizing our insecurities helps us overcome them. What makes your palms sweat, your knees freeze and your liver quiver? (Thanks, Muppets from Space and Hulk Hogan for the quote). One of mine? It should come as no surprise to anyone who has read my blog for long that I’m terrified and anxious about my kids having public meltdowns (restaurants, mall, grocery store). I’m getting better, but definitely still working on it. Why do frosty stares from strangers affect me so deeply? Well, it’s time to make a layout about it. This is one you definitely don’t need to share with the world if you don’t feel like it, but I think all the people who will read and cherish our scrapbooks in coming years will be thankful to know the whole picture of us - insecurities too.

100. I feel like this one should be the grand finale. But one phrase keeps running through my head: “Let it go.” Just let some of it go. Whatever this phrase means to you at this moment, write about that. Scrap about it. Take a picture of yourself in the mirror or use a tripod or corral one of your kids or DH if you need to, but what does this phrase mean? What things in your life can you just let go of? Let it go.

And there we have it. After 100 (and at LEAST 200 more in the comments) we’ve got a huge list - a great creative well we can draw from as scrapbookers and storytellers and artists. I can’t wait! I hope to see some of these stories popping up in galleries and on blogs all over the web. When the master list goes up, don’t forget to link back to it, and tell what number on the list inspired you.

Every one of the ideas from the comments will be attributed to the first person who posted them, because while I don’t believe there are really any totally *new* ideas, credit is still due. :)

Motivation.. In Case You Need Motivating - *FREE* Tuition 

So let’s continue this conversation in the comments, adding to this list, shall we say until Sunday?

Just to give one extra stitch of motivation (I love motivation, don’t you?), I’ll randomly draw from ALL of the *IDEA* comments across all our 10 days, and the winner will receive free tuition to the August session of my beginner-level digital scrapbooking class, Up & Running with Photoshop.  If you’re an advanced digi scrapper, or you took my first session of the class, we’ll come up with an alternative for you. ;)

Alright? Ready? Motivated?

Let the list-making begin! :D