Long Weekend! :D

I think I manage to get sick on or about every major holiday. Maybe it’s the fact of the approching holiday that puts my already tenuous equilibrium all out of whack.  Or maybe I just have bad timing. :P

It wasn’t too bad, though - just a little cold for a few days. Enough to put things out of whack. And we’ve been having a great, low-key weekend with Jared’s mom in town. It should be enough that I said weekend and it’s almost Wednesday. ;) Jared took Monday and Tuesday off since his mom is in town, and we’ve been enjoying just being all together for such a great long weekend (and let’s not forget the sleeping in and resting up to try to get better). :)


On Monday we went to this awesome place in downtown Raleigh, called Playspace.  It’s billed as a children’s museum, and it’s a huge indoor learning center, complete with a firetruck (and dress-up uniforms for bigs and littles), a train depot, a music room, an art room, a room full of blocks, an amazing water feature, a kitchen and grocery store, and a bunch more. We left reluctantly after 2 1/2 hours.

Rowen’s favorites by far were the waterfall feature, that had two slides with water running down into two pools, and a bunch of floatie toys. They had rubberized smocks for the kids to wear so they didn’t get their clothes wet (genius). And her other favorite was the art room, where she painted two pictures.




Elliott thought the water was too cold (“co-dee!”) and wouldn’t play in it, but he was completely mesmerised by the fishtank, and was even mimicing the fishes’ mouths as they opened and closed. He loved the block room and the train depot. This place was magic.



We stopped for lunch at the Mellow Mushroom, this groovy hippie-inspired restaurant with GREAT pizza, and we ate outside under a giant mushroom. Awesome. :)

Monday could NOT have been better, and we totally congratulated ourselves on being brave enough to try something totally new. :) Ele even fell asleep on the way home, which I’ve only seen happen twice:



Grandma taught Rowen about “love bucket” - one of her favorite sayings (as in, “you fill up my love bucket with your snuggles”).

So I was up here working this morning (all the fam went to the pool at Lifetime Fitness), and before they left, Rowen came in and said, “Mama! I came up to fill up your love bucket!” And she gave me a huge squeeze. Ah.

And then I said, “Okay, go down and fill up Grandma’s love bucket!”

She said, “But Grandma’s love bucket is all full!”

So I said, “What about Ele? Does he need some lovin’?”

And she said, (running out of the room), “Yeah! Ele needs some more lovin’!”

Template-y Goodness!

Today in our Up & Running with Photoshop class, we’re focusing on templates. I just wanted to share a layout I made with an exclusive template made for us by Jen Caputo over at Scrapbook Graphics. Isn’t it awesome? I think Jen is one of the best template designers out there, and I was so excited for her to make these just for our class. :)

Here’s the layout I did, which took about 15 minutes:


Supplies are all from Jen Wilson’s One Haute Momma kit. SO cute! (And if I might enable for just a second, this AWESOME and versatile kit is 40% off right now. Heck yeah. That’s my kind of deal. :) Sure, there’s a lot of mom-ish stuff in it, but LOTS and LOTS of other goodies too! :D

This template will be available to anyone who takes my Up & Running with Photoshop class. Registration for the August session will begin the end of July. More details will come in the next couple weeks! 

Rest O’ Life 

As for the rest o’ life, it’s good. Sleeping on a futon mattress in the office so MIL can have our room (I’ve always joked that we could live in here if we had enough snacks and drinks to last, and now I get to put my money where my mouth is, at least temporarily). :)

And I love my little kids right now. They have truly rounded a corner into a phase of unprecedented cuteness. Either that or I have rounded a corner into a phase of unprecedented insanity. Tough to tell. But this is definitely a phase that cares less about whether a little one’s clothes stay completely dry and more about the smile they get on their faces when I bust out the water buckets in the backyard. Good fun for all. :)

I hope you have a wonderful, happy 4th of July! :D We’re planning a bbq complete with steak and potato salad (which I bought and didn’t make because I haven’t mentioned that our dishwasher - less than a year old - is making a very weird noise and won’t be fixed until the 5th, and I just can’t bear to dirty that many dishes for so little reward as a mediocre potato salad when I can just buy a mediocre potato salad with no cleanup. Flawless logic, no?). We’ll also have chips and dip, plenty of backyard water fun, and of course the fireworks. :) Happy birthday, America!