A Little Blog Housekeeping

I’m going to change the way I separate blog entries. I normally mash everything up into one big entry, but that makes it harder to go back to stuff I like (or, who knows? Stuff you like?). So different big topics get different entries now. You might see multiple posts from me in a single day now (ahem.. like *3* today). What’s not to love? :D

Social Butterflies, We 

I’ve also added  a little bookmark toolbar to the end of each entry, in case you want to save it in your favorite social site. My favorites (and feel free to add me as a friend if you register at any of these! We can share coolness!):

  • Del.icio.us. I’ve been using this for a couple of years now, and have a lot of stuff logged away. You can see some of my tags down on the right side. Adding me as to your network on this site lets you view all of my tags, as well as all the tags of everyone else in your network. Very cool. :)
  • StumbleUpon. A very recent find. I actually added the toolbar to my browser (gasp, I know), which includes a Stumble button to take me to random sites with the topics I’ve chosen. Killer! The Stumble button is pretty darned amazing.
  • Technorati. Has some very cool ranking systems and allows a great view into entries that link to your own entry, plus lots of ways of finding new cool content.

So how do you keep track of stuff you love? (Please, PLEASE tell me you aren’t using your browser Bookmarks. Bunnies will cry!)

How do you keep track of blogs you love?

Photoshop Friday Index Updated!

I owe my friend Molly a deep debt of gratitude for helping me dig out all my past Photoshop Fridays and placing them all in the Photoshop Friday Index. She gently pointed out some “numbering issues”, which is the gentle way of saying I suck at numbering. Basic arithemetic is outside of my skillset, I’m afraid.

But the awesome news is that they’re all there! And (darn the basic arithmetic again), it looks like just over 50 entries! Yeah!

Click here to view the new and improved Photoshop Friday Index