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100 in 10, day 9.

Don’t forget to keep adding your ideas to the list!

Maybe as we’re nearing 90, you’re running low on good material? ;) Here’s one idea: go look at a gallery or folder of your past layouts (I have every layout I’ve ever done in a folder called - shockingly - “Scrapbook Pages”), and pull out a technique that worked really well on one of those pages - something you know was a home run that made your heart sing when you finished it. Share that idea. :)

On to my 10 for today!

81. Start a layout around the phrase, “In this day and age…”

82.  Check out the blog for Darren Rowse’s Digital Photography School. He does a weekly photography assignment (in the forums). Pick one and complete it. You can even post your photo in the DPS Flickr group. :)

83. Scrap your favorite quote.

84. Scrap an entire month in a single (or two-page) layout. Filling a grid of squares would be a GREAT design jump-off point for this.

85. Check out this incredible photo essay called “The Arrow of Time”, in which a family displays the self-portraits they have taken of themselves on the exact same day each year for 31 years (and counting). I find this page - and watching time pass so quickly as I scroll down the page - to be both powerful and haunting. Time. Years. Aging. More thoughts on this later. But for the idea: gather some photos of the same person from different time periods to make a layout with. And consider starting a yearly-photo tradition if you haven’t.

86. Along the same lines as #85, locate photos of two people from different generations who are roughly the same age in the photos and compare/contrast them. We’ve seen lots of this type of layout with moms and kids, and you can also try grandparents and grandchildren, like so (Layout published in MM Simply Graphic, 2005):

Click for Larger

87. Find a cherished family toy and older photos of it. Like so (Layout published in LHJ Scrapbook Special issue, 2005):

Click for Larger
If you don’t have access to old family toys, take photos of a current cherished toy/blanket/lovie and scrap about its significance.

88.  Try telling a story (in a layout or mini-album) about you or someone you love with only photos. Try to paint a picture of who they are by what they love and surround themselves with. You can use cardstock and some small embellishments if you like, but mostly, this should be as much as you can say with only pictures.

89. Download a freebie or a new kit and use it RIGHT NOW. Sometimes I’m guilty of just buying stuff and not using it (sound familiar? scrappers tend to be in this deal as much for the collecting/hoarding/smelling/feeling of supplies as they are for using them. ;) Don’t think I don’t know it).  Post in the comments when you do this so I can go check out the kit and the layout, ok? :D Not having enough time to go look for stuff helps me place a high value on personal recommendations. :D

90. Participate in a One Little Word challenge over at the amazing One Little Word blog.  This keyword-style creation is so awesome as a jumping-off point for some great creations.

And we’re at 90! Yeah! Just 10 more to go, and then we’ll compile our mega-list of ideas! Have a wonderful night!


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