100 in 10, day 8

Big news!

We went out

Not family out. Just us out. Those of you who don’t live near in-laws or other relatives, and who therefore must pay for babysitting know what a luxury it is to give yourself - just you two - the little gift of out.

We seriously don’t do this very often - I’ve joked way too many times about being able to live in our office if we only had enough snacks and drinks, for you not to realize the sizeable grain of truth in that statement. Photoshop, scrapping, computer games, Diet Mt. Dew, and an evening back-to-back with Jared are normally what Friday and Saturday nights are about (okay, that or me madly working on a project that’s due Monday.. this has been the case more often lately than I’d like …). Who needs out when you can stay in?

We don’t! Right up until they make a Simpsons movie,  that is.

So we took the opportunity to go to a brand new Indian restaurant in our neighborhood, and then go see the Simpsons movie. A movie! In a theater! On opening weekend!

The food was phenomenal. If you get the chance to go to Tamarind India Bistro in Apex, NC at some point, DO IT. They do things with potatoes and chickpeas and cauliflower and unpronounceable spices that are beyond my wildest dreams. :) Jared, who has the opportunity to work with many people who are originally from India, introduced me to mango lassi, an amazing yogurt and mango smoothie. So delish.

And the movie? So funny. Just like a giant episode of the Simpsons. So if you love them, you’ll love it. Lots about Homer getting injured, jokes about government and politics and current events, a new classic Simpson’s song, and an appearance by Green Day. What’s not to love right there? :D

100 in 10, 71-80 

Alright, we’re  going to hit 80 tonight! Almost done! Keep adding your ideas to our list!

71.  Choose one color and scrap in shades of only that color. For an added twist, add ONE little pop of a contrasting color somewhere.

72. Use a photograph as the background for all or part of your page. You can try blending the photo over another background color with Soft Light or Overlay blending mode.

73. Choose an inspiring ad from Just Ad Inspiration as a starting point for your next layout.

74. I stumbled across an amazing quote at a letter-folding site today. The quote says, in answer to a question whether letter-folding is a useful thing to do or not:

“It is in the very nature of hobbies that they tend not to be entirely useful.”

Think about your hobby. What would you say to this quote? As it relates to you, do you agree? Disagree? Write about why you scrap, and what makes it “useful” or not. :)

p.s. Want to fold your own letters?  That site above is awesome. Also, try here at Letterfu for some printable designs so you can write on one side of the page, follow the folding directions you print onto the other, and boom! A letter. :) You know you’ve been meaning to write to someone. Go do it! No excuses!

75. Make a digital sticker out of any graphic or digital rub-on.  Try these directions.

76. What do the words “Vacation of a Lifetime” mean to you? Scrap about it.

77. Check out this amazing list of more than 700 adjectives (best part? they’re all clickable for an easy definition). Pick 5 that describe you, and add them to your next All-about-Me layout.

78. Pick 5 adjectives from the list in #77, and without telling them what you chose, ask each person in your family (school-aged is probably best, although I wouldn’t put it past Rowen to just know what didactic means, who knows?) to pick 5 adjectives for themselves. Compare the results in a mini album or layout.

 79. Think about how the internet has changed your life. Remember back to your very first experience online, and create a project, either around your internet-centered life today, or a timeline of how you discovered and adopted the culture of the Web.

80. Look up a keyword in several different languages. Layer them at varying levels of opacity (color optional) on the empty space in a photo, or on an accent block of some kind. Try Babelfish for all your keyword translating needs! :D