100 in 10, day 7

Super quick PSF Tip: Photoshop Rulers

Today’s tip will be super-quick! I have found that turning on my rulers in Photoshop is a huge help! You can turn on rulers by going to View > Rulers.

If you’re using a full version of Photoshop, and you’ve turned your rulers on, you can click and drag either downward or to the right from one of your ruler bars to drag a horizontal or vertical guide line. These are SO helpful for aligning things and helping measure distances. PSE doesn’t have Guides, but take advantage of them if you’re lucky enough to be using CS/CS2/CS3 :D

List, Numbers 61-70 

So I’ve let go of the idea that my 100 ideas will be in 10 consecutive days. Hopefully you can let go of that idea, too :) Let’s get our 10 for today. PLEASE post in the comments with your additions to the list! I’ll wait a couple of days (you can go back to older posts and post!) and then compile all our ideas into one huge list. We’ve got a few hundred going, from the posts and emails I’ve been getting. Do you know how much that rocks? Yeah, I think you do. :D

61. Dots. Make a dotted line (around something - let’s say a journaling block, mayhaps?, or pointing to something - a lead-in to your page coming down from the top left side could be cool, etc) by using this technique here, but increasing the spacing between your dots to something like 200. Dots rule.

62. 3-pack. Make a page using three equally sized photos placed side-by-side. For a 12x12 I like a 3.5 x 5 size for verticals, or stacking them if they’re horizontal.

63. Create a two-layered font with at least one word in a nice heavy font and one word in a thinner, scripty font. Bonus points for making them two different colors. :D (The key thing here is to create each word of your title on a different text layer so they can be placed in an overlapping arrangement).

64. Create an entire layout using only type as an accent. Like so:

Click for Larger
(This layout is actually paper, but the white rectangle was done all in Photoshop and printed on photo paper. Throw in a little CBX paper and a star cut from some K&Co. paper, some Bazzill cardstock, and done!)

65.  Make this page. Go on! You’ll rock at selections when you’re done! Here’s mine:

Click for Larger
66. Scrap about your lucky number, or other “lucky” stuff (lucky socks? lucky pen?) or rituals you do for luck.

67. Scrap a layout using the color combination of dark grey, red, and turquoise blue. So pretty.

68. Get brave and start a layout’s journaling with “once upon a time”. See where that takes you. Maybe this is about you as a kid, or about the fairy-tale world your kids live in.

69.  If you do 68, you may as well add some wings in. I’ve got a masking tutorial here, or you can buy some great wings here (brushes), or here (shadowed stickers).

70. Convert your photo to black and white but leave some color in a focal area. Check out the tutorial here. (But promise me you won’t use this on eyes, ok? It’s kind of freaky looking.) 

Call from Jana at Creating Keepsakes

I just wanted to pass along this call from Jana at Creating Keepsakes. She is gathering lists of what must-have tools scrappers use (camera, scanner, printer, etc.). Let’s let the digi and hybrid scrappers weigh in here! All the details are in her post at the CK Message board. Send Jana an email to get your must-haves on her list!


…We spent the morning at the swimming pool. It was SO much fun. And I’m guaranteed a great naptime if I make the little pool investment in the morning. ;) It’s a great way to pass the summertime heat, and the kids get some great outside time. I’m mastering things I’ve never needed to before, such as sunscreening liberally and showering and dressing two squirrelly kids (our gym has a “Family” dressing room with big showers) without too much mayhem.

Okay. I liked.

There’s mayhem.

But today was better than most days. So that’s progress.

…Molly sent me an email, and at the very end she said, “p.s.s. does Diet Mt. Dew make you smarter? Because I’ll be handing them out by the case to my students.” ha.

My answer?

Yes. I think it does make you smater.

It’s Social, and it’s Bookmarking 

 I registered on Technorati. I’ll use it for my blog and for myself, I think (so if you want to link this place up as a favorite, I’d be much obliged ;).  I’ve been using del.icio.us, but I’d love to know if you have had success keeping track of your Internet finds with Technorati? I also registered for StumbleUpon, but I’m a little leery of putting toolbars in my browser (Firefox tends to be a little touchy about this kind of thing).  I’m totally fascinated by social bookmarking sites in general, though. Got any other recommendations?

Studio Calico

 I am the August guest designer at StudioCalico, a new scrapbook kit company run by April Foster and Scarlet Namvong. Their kits are SO cute. Here’s a link to the gallery with all the layouts in it. I’ll be chatting over at their site on August 2 at 10 p.m. EST.


I’ll also be teaching at CKC Charlotte (right in my backyard, almost!) next weekend, August 3-4! If you’re local to the .. well.. the whole state of North Carolina, come check out the great show, do some shopping, take a class or two, that sort of thing. Not too late to rearrange what needs arranging and give a little gift to yourself!

The Next Major Project I’m working on starts on Monday. So excited about that. Sorry for the cryptic thing. :)

Oh. And tomorrow? Gonna go see the Simpsons. In a theater. That’s right! A THEATER. It has to be a big deal if we get a sitter to go see a movie. :D Can’t wait!

And the last bit of news: I’m getting my index updated, so it’ll include ALL past PSFs, whether they’re linked off-site or not.  I know I’m missing several on there, and I sometimes forget to update. So yay! :D

Have a phabulous (rest of this) Photoshop Phriday!