100 in 10, day 5.

I made it home at about 1:30 this morning. Whew! Kinda flopped in bed, spent the day feeling that kind of show hangover that is hard to describe. Wanting to just crawl in the covers. So if you haven’t heard from me and you sent me an email in the past few days, that’s why..

But on to happier topics! :D

Let’s get to 50 on our list today (plus MANY more in the comments, thank you!).

41. Use the entire alphabet, or at least many letters, as a design element, accent, background, etc.

42. Scrap your favorite pair of shoes, and the story behind them.

43. What do you do to relax? Do you have sure-fire ways of de-stressing? Scrap about your Mission: Relaxation

44. Incorporate one or more diamond shapes on your layout. These can be huge, or small, many or one.

45. Are you a Dickens geek? Do you write Star Wars fanfic? Do you religiously follow speedskating? Scrap about your favorite “Nerdy little secret.” ;) Shhh…. 

46. Use your Pen tool (if you’re using CS/CS2/CS3) or perhaps a template (like the one in this free kit) to create text that goes around in a circle. 

47. Ink your finger and make a clear print - scan it in and use it as a design element.

48. Use stamps, rub-ons, or (in a digi page) the Photoshop custom shape tools to draw arrows or other directional motifs on your page.

49.  Scrap a page about your typical day. This one has been done as an idea, I know! But I haven’t done it, and I need to. :) (6:30, kids wake me up… 7:00, cereal…)

50.  Create a layout that is a tribute to an influential person in your life. Here’s one of mine:

Click for Larger

Alright, I’m going to try to finish Harry Potter #6 tonight (decided last night to re-read 6 in prep for 7 - why didn’t I think of this earlier??) so I can start 7 tomorrow. Think comfy couch, popcorn, soda, and Slughorn. :D