100 in 10, Day 4.

I’m sitting in the Chicago O’Hare airport.


I arrived an hour before my flight, stood in line, and was told at the check-in kiosk that my flight was closed - apparently the flights at O’ Hare close 45 minutes before the flight leaves. Luckily, there’s another flight at 9 p.m., so I’ll be home early tomorrow morning (like 1:30 a.m.). But at least I can peek in and see my kids sleeping, and I’m sure Jared will still be up.


Even a few days of being gone makes me miss the people in my life.

The show has been awesome. The product (of course) is SO much fun to see. Our editor picks from the show will be going on the Creating Keepsakes web site this week, along with videos.

It was also fun to see the more than 60 retailers who came to our panel discussion on Friday, to learn more about digital scrapbooking and how they can grow their businesses in this area. It is so COOL to see that computers are truly becoming part of the vocabulary of scrapbooking. That whether with a pen or a marker or a trimmer or a mouse in hand, we can all tell the stories of our lives.

Here are some ideas to sprak a story or two, perhaps:

31. Personal rules. What personal rules do you have? For example, I only watch TV in bed when I’m in a hotel. My friend Nisa eats McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets in order from most round nugget to least round nugget. (Seriously. I’ve seen her do it).

32.  What is your best feature? If you had to create an advertisement for yourself, what would you promote?

33. Scrap your car.

34.  Brag book! Alright! I’m so guilty of this one. If you have no little brag book - maybe it’s a luggage tag album, maybe it’s a little 5x7 or 4x6 or whatever, but you really should have a brag book about the people you love. Confession time: I don’t have one. I got asked at two consecutive dinners if I had any recent photos, and I didn’t. Lame. So this is my goal. The assignment here is to make a little book to carry with you, or update yours if it’s getting a little outdated.

35. Necessities. Scrap your everyday necessities. If you’re me, that’s Diet Mt. Dew, haircare products, and your computer. If you’re you, what are they?

36. Create a layout with 5 square holes on it (maybe 2x2 or 3x3, maybe not all the same size. Maybe some overlapping). Perhaps in a line or a fun grid. Fill the holes with patterned paper, photos, other stuff.

37. Round some corners

38.  Think about the influence that people around you have had on your life. I’m thinking of several people I’ve met or reconnected with at this CHA show, and I will do a layout about them called, “If I hadn’t met you …” Fun and light-hearted, or serious and sentimental, how has your life changed in specific ways because of the specific people in it?

39. Take a screen shot of an awesome, artistic web page that has a great color scheme. Paste it into a new Photoshop document and sample the colors out of it for your next layout.

40.  Crop a photo three different ways and see how the emotion changes - try a closeup, a tilt, an off-center, etc. Pick the one that best matches the concept you’re going for, and scrap it.

Have an awesome evening!

Post your ideas to the list! We’ll end up with WAY more than 100 at the end of this adventure. Thank you for collaborating.