100 in 10, day 2.

We are getting some AWESOME ideas in the comments! How amazing would it be if every person who shows up writes one idea every day? We’d have thousands. I’ll compile ALL of these into a massive list you can download at the end of our 10, ok?

Photoshop Friday - ish 

This idea idea will take the place of Photoshop Friday this week. I’m in Chicago, and while I have Photoshop on my laptop I don’t have any pictures to scrap, and all my digital stash is at home. :) But I will point you to my relaunched, hybrid-friendly tutorial that is the Paper and Pixels Column at Creating Keepsakes Online. The trapezoid video is back! :D Have fun!

100 in 10 

So without further ado, here are the next 10 things on my list.

 10. Use a gradient overlay or masking to blend a photo into the background.

11. Paint with watercolors or watercolor pencils. Scan this in and use it as a background (there’s an AMAZING article about this in the new Computer Arts magazine. Click over there to read the online companion tutorial, just scroll down to Watercolour Effects. So awesome. (And I’ve always wanted an excuse to say “watercolour” with a u. :D)

12. Do a Google search for a map, download it, and use it as a background overlay. The layout can be about your neighborhood, your city, etc.

13. Along the same “map” idea lines - do a layout about the keyword “routes”. Perhapse this is your life’s route, or the routes you take every day to work, store, school, and so forth. Include a map if you like.

14. HO(ME) - Create a typographic treatment that blends the two ideas of “Home” and “Me”, and then create a layout about this blend. Perhaps it’s the story of how this came to be YOUR home, or your relationship with your home, or how your home is an extension and expresssion of your personality. Run with that. :D

15. Create a layout about the very last song you heard or sang. And yes, if it’s Elmo’s song, you have to scrap it. Sorry. (But if it IS Elmo’s song, perhaps you could talk about the influence that children’s music has had in your life).

16.  I saw an ad yesterday on the plan that had a phrase that totally jumped out at me: Heart of Lightness. Scrap a layout about these keywords. Perhaps this could be what makes your heart light. Perhaps it could be what it means to have a heart of lightness (vs. a heart of heaviness or darkness).

17. Scrap a layout (either ironic or serious) using the keywords, “I have arrived.” I think mine will be about purchasing my very first laptop that was JUST mine. Other takes could be items you own that are trappings of adulthood or parenthood, and so forth.

18. Create a layout where everything is turned at an angle. Easy in Photoshop: Shift-select your top layer and your bottom layer in the Layers palette, select your Move tool, and click and drag on the transform handles. (I can’t wait to see these!) Here’s a paper version:


 19. Stand in your very favorite spot (outside or inside), and slowly rotate 360 degrees with your camera taking pictures. See what kind of layout you can make “in the round”. :D

20. Create a one or two page layout that catalogues what you did this week. Or you can keep a log of what you did this week, and create the layout next week. :) Photos help.

Alright! Did any of these spark addtional challenges, ideas, or techniques? List away! Come back tomorrow to play again! We’re going to end up with an enormous pile, and I can’t wait!

Happy (non)Photoshop Phriday!