Top Ten, and a Tag!

Here’s my latest top 10, just for kicks. :)

1. Taking a break tonight from projects. I’m sitting in the living room on the laptop. Feet up on ottoman, sunk into the cushions, Diet Mt. Dew perched on a handy DVD case - the latest stackable plaything for the kids - by my side, TV on and muted (I always overestimate my ability to concentrate while there’s noise like that around. hehe. But still not moving upstairs.)

2. Adding more books to my GoodReads account (and stacking up my To Read list). Add me if you like! :D

3. August 2007 issue of Creating Keepsakes is my 2nd time as a CK Cover Girl. :D I used papers from Jen Wilson’s Being and Rekindle kits, plus awesome scalloped Bazzill cardstock, my favorite chipboard rings from Technique Tuesday, some ribbon, some Heidi Swapp clips, my Studio font from QuicKutz, and my ubiquitous three tacks from Chatterbox. :D


4.  The Suggestions feature at Etsy. Genius.

5.  Looking at my photos from our trip to the Dan Zanes concert on Saturday. We got our photo taken with him, and I printed Rowen an 8x10 to hang in her room. She was so excited! I was watching my friend Jessica’s son David, and Rowen took him right up to her room to show him her picture. She does these little adorable bouncy-jumps every time she talks about him and that show. It was that good.

6. Air conditioning. :D 

7. A baby boy (Grady) for my friend Aubrey, and a baby girl (Mia) for my friend Jessica. Congratulations! Still waiting for news on Susan’s Baby Dubs, and  Gluestick’s wee man as well. Holy July due dates, batman!

8. Elliott’s awesome birthday present from his grandma, a Make Your Own Monster Puppet. Hours of fun for our kids, and provided a great sharing time for church on Sunday! :D And let’s not underestimate my delight at being able to make all the crazy voices I want AND act them out with my hands. ;)

9.  Microwave popcorn. ‘Nuff said there. ;)

10. Getting ready for CHA. Gonna see some awesome new product, see some friends, meet with lots of manufactuers, present at a panel discussion, get some new headshots from Nisa. Can’t wait.

Well.. but

11. Bonus one. One more day to hang out with my kids tomorrow before being gone for a few days. :) If the weather clears up, we’ll be swimming at the gym.

Alright! What’s on your top 10 list?