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Pretend that This Headline Kills

I found this awesome article for bloggers on The Sexy Art of Writing Headlines that Kill. It totally reminded me of scrapbooking, of course. And the fact that titles, right after journaling, are the worst nightmare of most scrappers. Which is why we content ourselves with “Snow Much Fun”. But spending some time really thinking about, concepting, and honing a great title is worth it to make a layout that kills. :) Gonna go work on that, both with the blog and with my layouts. :D


I finished Twilight. Like many of you said in your comments, it goes quickly. :) Never thought I’d hear myself saying I enjoyed a romance book. But there it is. :) It has this whole Romeo+Juliet quality to it that is hard to resist. Totally brought out the 16-year-old in me again, in a good way. :D

I’ve started up a list of books over at GoodReads. What a cool user experience. :) It’ll help me keep track of all the books I’ve been reading. A very good thing. :)

Dan Zanes Concert! 

We are going to see our first concert together as a family! Saturday we’re heading over to Greensboro (hometown of Mr. Orson Scott Card, one of my favorites) to see Dan Zanes. :)

mainimage_dz.jpg He has a cool funky ukelele-infused folk style that doesn’t make parents embarrassed to be alive while he’s singing. That is saying something for kids’ music. :)

Sometimes (confession time!) I listen to his CDs even with no kids in the car. They’re that good.

Alas, there aren’t any songs about How Many Toes Do I Have, or Can I Dress Myself All By Myself, but there are cool catchy tunes - some traditional folk and some his own stuff - sung with celebrity guests. Awesome.

Jared found a very cool 20-minute podcast over at Land of Nod (a “Nodcast Podcast”) where he talks about his newest album and gives clips from some of the songs from it.

That’s right over here at Land of Nod.  We’ve been loving Dan Zanes lately, and Rowen is SUPER excited to go see him. :)

 CHA Summer

Aside from that, it’s a lot of work this weekend, and getting projects done early so I can be gone for CHA next weekend. I’m part of a panel discussion for retailers next Friday called, “Digital Scrapbooking: What it is and how you can grow your business”.  This is the first time digital and hybrid scrapbooking discussions have been offered as part of the education at CHA, so it is very cool to see, and awesome to be a part of! I think there’s a pretty high level of fear among retailers (just like there is among newer digital scrapbookers), not knowing where the technology will lead, not knowing really where or how to get started, that kind of thing. Hopefully we’ll be able to help them with this discussion.

PC Layers 

Several companies are also launching digital product lines at CHA this summer. In fact, if you head over to  PC Layers (owned by PC Crafter) you can get a free download and check out some truly gorgeous kits (Celeste Rockwood-Jones’ kits are stunning, and they’ve licensed digital versions of the entire Karen Foster line of products). They’ll be expanding their web site over time, but I spent some time on the phone the other day with Randy Benson, the president of PC Crafter, and they’ve got some VERY cool things in the works! So head on over and download the freebie, and check it out.  More awesome stuff to collect  hoard love. :)

Photoshop Friday Live Tutorial Tonight. :)

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