Home again, New 'Do, Up & Running Info

Home again.

I got in about 12:30 this morning from CKC in Buffalo. It was a GREAT weekend. I taught 9 classes over 2 days, and had a great time. I LOVE hanging out with scrapbookers. Love seeing what everyone’s working on, and especially love that everyone who came made all the effort it takes to GET to these things for a weekend. No small thing.

I made Jared take a couple of pictures of the new ‘do today. :) It was so much fun to just walk into a salon and hope for the best, and then leave happy. :) Why is it the small things that sometimes make you feel so nice?


I’m lazy and didn’t take the glare off the glasses. :P


 Buffalo was awesome! I arrived on Thursday, and realized that EVERY THURSDAY through the summer, the city of Buffalo invites bands to come and play in the park in downtown. It’s a huge gathering of several thousand people every week, enjoying the beautiful weather. What a great idea!

Thursday night we hit up the Anchor Bar, the restaurant where Buffalo chicken wings were invented. Why is it that I somehow vaguely equated buffalo wings with buffalos, rather than with Buffalo? Who knows? But it makes WAY more sense now. :)

Friday night I taught 4 classes, then an All About Me album crop, then hit up the larger crop to hover over people’s shoulders and see what they were working on. I didn’t leave until midnight, and admitted to one of my morning TA’s, who was cropping that night, that I was starving. She said, oh! You NEED to get pizza from La Nova. She handed me a paper cup with their information on it, and told me they’d had pizza delivered there to the crop.

So I headed back to my room and looked up the menu online, and called and ordered a greek pizza. It came piled with feta cheese, fresh tomatoes, marinated chicken, black olives, and a little sprinkling of melted cheddar, with greek dressing on the pizza crust. Oh man was that good. I’ve heard from multiple people that Buffalo is the place to be for pizza and wings, and I must say that I agree. :)

Up & Running

So by now you’ve probably read all of our posts or emails about the registration for the Up & Running class I’m teaching at JessicaSprague.com. What a weekend! I was on my lunch break from classes on Friday, and was in my room in front of my computer. I was on a conference call preparing for a panel discussion I’ll be part of at CHA, and had my chat window open with Jared, who was getting ready to “flip the switch” to activate registrations. I was really trying to pay attention to the conference call, but definitely getting distracted as I see this pop up in chat:

A lot of people are logged in now.

More people.

The site is starting to bog down.

Oh no.

Oh no.

The web site just crashed.

I think I actually might have to call the panel organizer and get a recap of that conference call, because I don’t remember much after that point… 

After that it was a flurry of emails to the hosting company, posts in the forums and my blog, an email to the List, and a whole lot of pacing in my hotel room, and a lot of waiting to see how things worked out. So let me just say thank you, for bringing my web site to its knees. ;)

But seriously, this helps us understand what we need to do to make this a success. Clearly, we need a bigger server. Getting that taken care of asap. :) 

I think we made the only decision we could have - to open registration to ANYONE who wanted to get in, rather than limiting the class to 45 as we had originally intended.

Shall we just say that there are more than 45

But if you’re in the class, we will work hard to make sure your experience is GREAT, and personal, and that you end the class Up & Running with Photoshop.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether this class is right for you if you have CS/CS2/CS3. I will be offering a full-version “track” as part of the August class, with videos recorded in CS3. With that said, if you’re in the class and using a full version, you should be just fine, and I’ll be there to help.

I’ll send all the participants an email tomorrow night, when we get our email list compiled, that’ll have all the information you need. :)


Elliott won the funny tonight.

Jared and Rowen were sitting at his computer “recording voices” - they like to talk into the microphone and let Rowen talk and sing songs. Elliott was on the floor by his chair. Jared suggested that she sing a song, and Rowen said, “Which one?”

So I started singing the Primary song, “Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam.”

“Jesus wants me for a sun …”

and Elliot turned around and said, “Bean!”

So I kept singing , “To shine for Him each day. In every way try to please …”


“At home, at school at …”

“Hooome!” (okay, so he gets some words mixed up. :P)

“A sun…”


“A sun…”


“Jesus wants me for a sun…”


“A sun…”


“A sun…”


“I’ll be a …”

“Sah-bean fo hiiiim!”