Seeing What She Sees

Without further ado, I will present the photographic debut of my daughter Rowen, age 3. These are some of her shots from their outing to Red Hat on Sunday.









It is first off SO COOL to get her perspective. She sits in a carseat in the back of the car, and THIS is what she sees when she looks out. Man is that cool.

I love that she took pictures of the trees as she saw them out the window. And the flowers that are in front of the Red Hat offices. I can’t even explain why, but this entire set of images makes me well up. It’s living proof that I’m raising a human being, with thoughts and motivations and likes of her own, aiming her lens at the world and snapping away.

She was so excited to get a camera.  She said, “so I can take pictures just like YOU, mama.”


But you can also see that the images are.. less than stellar in quality from this camera. I can imagine that they went heavy on the “kid tough” and light on the “photosensitive equipment and/or breakable lenses” when designing this particular model. But SO GREAT for a 3-year-old who knows what to do, but not necessarily the dire consequences of dropping a “real live” camera. And that has happened, several times. It lands on its rubberized side, no harm done. At least, the quality of photos it produces hasn’t deteriorated noticeably. ;)

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Photoshop Friday!