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Photoshop ... Tuesday...

So I am now officially running just 4 days behind. That’s pretty good, right? :) Hoping to be caught up by the end of the week. :)

Today’s tip is one I use ALL the time, because it speeds up my scrapping and designing. The best part about it is how simple it is!

One Step Copy/Paste for Layers

Here’s the sample layout:


I love the little flowers, and I knew I wanted a bunch of them on my layout. Rather than locating the layer in my layers palette, right-clicking and choosing Duplicate from the flyout menu, there’s an easier way to get copies of each flower after you have the first ones in your document (a matter of opening them and dragging them in).

1. Select your Move tool.

2. Target one of the flowers on your document.

3. Hold down your Alt key. Your cursor will turn into a sort of double arrow, with a white arrow below the black arrow. This indicates that if you drag and drop your flower, you’ll make a copy.

4. With your Alt key held down, click and drag on your flower layer. Photoshop makes a new copy of this layer for you.


If you also hold down Shift while you drag your new layer, Photoshop will constrain the copy to 45 and 90 degree angles. Perfect if you’re making patterns of things (like polka-dots, etc).

So easy, but SO useful! :D

Here’s my layout a little larger:

Click for Larger

Supply list (Everything but the flowers is from DesignerDigitals):

Back with more in just a few days! Have a Super Photoshop.. uh.. Tuesday! :D 


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