Go-Karts and the Gym

Saturday night we went out with some new friends to a Go-Kart track. It was AWESOME. Totally their idea, and we are SO glad they invited us along. :)

They give you these Head Socks that make you look like a cross between a pirate, a Harley rider, and a knight of the Round Table:


Then we climbed into these Go-Karts, which smelled rather distinctively like lawnmowers:


Mine was #2, which started out in first place, but definitely didn’t end up there:


So in case you needed some statistical evidence that I drive like an old lady, even in a Go-Kart, there it is. In fact, I’m pretty sure I was passed by a few old ladies while out on the track. Out walking their dogs. I just couldn’t get past this fear of imminent death and/or serious injury long enough to really put the pedal to the metal. Jared, having no such compunctions, lapped me twice.

I still had a great time, though. We stayed afterward and ate in the bar/restaurand adjoining the Go-Kart track. Sounds like it wouldn’t be that good, but the burger was GREAT. Then we followed our friends to Goodberry’s for concretes before heading home. They are SUCH cool people. Real geeks, too. :D

I’m going to admit now, out loud, that this was our first date since New Year’s. At least a date involving paying a babysitter and leaving the house, as opposed to our usual “date”, which involves putting the kids to bed and then playing computer games in the office. If you live near in-laws and you have kids, I hope you take advantage of the free babysitting bonding time your kids get with their grandparents. Some weeks I’d do a lot to have that back. :)


Totally laid low yesterday. I wasn’t feeling well, so I pretty much crashed out for the afternoon (love Sundays. Love Jared for taking the kids).

The Gym 

We joined Lifetime Fitness last week, went swimming twice, and this morning I went to my First Lifetime Workout. 

After dropping the  kids off in the childcare, I headed upstairs thinking I’d just get on an elliptical machine and go for awhile. You know, get back into this whole fitness thing kind of slowly. Decided at the last minute to do what?

A step aerobics class.

I know.

It was a stupid idea. 

And whoa. It totally, completly kicked my butt.

For about the first 5 minutes I was doing great. Then  all of the electrical signals made it back from my limbs to my brain, apparently. And my legs went whoa. I tried to keep up, tried not to let the totally fit pregnant lady in the 3rd row get me down, tried not to cry when the super-cheerful teacher said (15 minutes in - I’m just starting to pray for death), “Okay! That looks great! Now let’s keep this up for another 40 minutes!”, fought down the almost overwhelming desire to lay down on the step, just for a few minutes, to catch my breath, and tried (and failed) not to watch the second hand going around the clock so slowly it could’ve been going backward in time.

I admit that my moves were pretty half-hearted by the end. But I made it through.

My legs were all wobbly as I climbed down the stairs, and I must have had some kind of endorphin high, because I was giggling to myself the whole way down - somehow that seemed hilarious to me at the time. But the kids had a great time in the kid-play place, and it was FUN to just go do something on my own for a little while. Even if it totally kicked my butt.

A dash back home to change a diaper, stop by a couple stores, lunch at Panera, and home for a nap. For me. Someday my body with thank me.

That day just isn’t today. :P

I’m leaving on Wednesday for CKU in Anaheim! Yahoo! :D Can’t wait!