Unlimited registration until midnight! :D

 Okay, we’ve talked to our hosting company (if a massive flurry of panicked emails qualifies as “talking”), and it turns out that our site is crashing because it is receiving over 50 requests per second which it can’t handle and dies. So after some email exchange and some figuring out that we’ll be migrating servers ASAP…

 Here’s what we’ve decided to to:

In order to take the load off of jessicasprague.com so it stops crashing we are going to open up unlimited registrations until midnight.

So grab a cold drink, get home from work, etc, and don’t worry, because if you register anytime between now and midnight tonight, you’ll get in.

And let me just say that I am so sorry everyone! We had no idea this would happen, so I appreciate so much your patience. :D

Thank you for coming on this journey with me, guys. What a day! Whew.