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Help me Choose my Laptop Bag! :D

Man, I am all about the blog today, huh? LOL Someone is in work-avoidance mode. And since you’re here, maybe that makes two of us.. ;)

But looking at those cute bags from Janine King at Etsy made me think - I want one of these. But I can’t decide which, and I’d love your help. So here are my finalists:

1. 722646-813117-thumbnail.jpg
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2. 722646-813059-thumbnail.jpg
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3. 722646-813122-thumbnail.jpg
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4. 722646-813124-thumbnail.jpg
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Okay, so here is the poll:

Which of these bags should I buy?
1. Paisley (MME)
2. Botanical (BasicGrey)
3. Funky floral (American Crafts)
4. Stripe (KI Memories)



I know, deep burning questions, right? LOL. But hey, it’ll be fun, and if you come to any CK events you’ll see me wielding the bag YOU chose. That’s pretty neat, right? No? Well.. maybe you’ll vote anyway? That’d be awesome. I’ll pick a winner on Sunday night.

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