Happy = Home


This is my image of the day from someone over at Flickr. Determined optimism. Love it.

Mosh Posh 

I was asked to be the guest designer at Mosh Posh this month. I created this layout, and a video tutorial for how to create the text flowing around the photo block:


Oh, and in case you can’t see from the layout, this kit is really cool! Cute pink and blue cardstock, Sassafrass Lass paper, American Crafts thickers, Junkitz felt flowers, and a package of the awesome Queen & Company felt ribbon, plus a couple other goodies. :)

You can find the video tutorial on the Mosh Posh home page, and the instructions for completing the layout once you have the text and photos printed will be going up soon! 


I was swinging Rowen outside after lunch, and she said, “When I get a little bit bigger, I want to dress up as a airplane for Halloween.”

“You want to be an airplane?”


“Okay… Well, what should Ele be?”

“I don’t know. Maybe… a house?”

Looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us for costumes this year. Either that or I’ll cop out again and she’ll go as a witch two years running…

Oh, and let’s not forget this one from this morning.

I was straightening the little front bang bit on my hair this morning after blow-drying the rest. Rowen came in to the bathroom and watched me in silence for a few seconds. Then she said, “Mama! You are trying to have hair like me! You are making your hair blonde!”

I said, after I could stop laughing, “You mean I am trying to make my hair straight like yours?”

“Yeah! Straight like mine!”

Well, my dear, I have a long way to go, then. 

I am so happy to be home this week. Doing a little laundry. Catching up on some snuggles. Doing silly dances and singing silly songs while the kids eat their lunch (the laughter of my little kids is the best music of all). Swinging in the backyard and running through the grass and only every now and then wishing our backyard looked better. That there was, in fact, more grass and fewer patches of dirt. Maybe fewer pinecones. But eh. The feeling passes and we’re back to chasing.

There will come a day when I have the time and the energy and the money to start learning about gardening and general yard work beyond mowing (which Jared does anyway…).  Hopefully with a heavy reliance on Google and the local nursery we can make some changes. But that day isn’t today. Yard work (like eating, showering, washing the car, talking on the phone, and shopping) with 2 toddlers is a near impossibility, even without the complete ignorance of the subject itself. So we’re in the acceptance phase right now. And I’m still just glad to be home.

What does home mean for you? When you’re in appreciation mode, what little stuff are you most thankful for?


p.s. I’ve gotten a few questions about Windows Vista and Photoshop. There is a patch for Photoshop Elements 5 that will update you to 5.0.2, which is fully compatible with Windows Vista. You can download right here.  

Everything I’ve read regarding Photoshop CS2/3 is that it installs with “minimal known issues” and no patch needed. We’ll see what that means in real life when my new laptop shows up. ;)