CKC Nashville + Lessons in Travel

Nashville was great. I needed yesterday to recover. Planning to take the kids to the park, wear flip-flops, and just hang out.

This was the first CKC I’ve ever been a part of, and it was a ton of fun. We had 6 classes across Friday and Saturday, an all-about me album class on Friday evening, a huge crop on Friday night, lots of shopping, laughing, and just plain being around other scrapbookers. It was awesome.

My favorite part (same as CKU in Detroit) was walking around the crop and talking (read: distracting people). Seeing what everyone is up to. Laughing and sharing memories and even crying some. I met a lady who was scrapbooking the very last photo she had of her dad before he passed away. In the photo, his white head was bent over a photo album she had made for him, his finger out to touch the page protector as he relived a precious memory. I couldn’t help but cry for the beauty of that photo. For the power of it. For the power and blessing that memories are to us, and the central part that scrapbooking plays in preserving those stories. It was an amazing experience. We just cried together for a few minutes, sharing that experience.

I laughed a lot too. Our classes were great fun. In the Lucky Girl class, we did an exercise at the beginning in what we’re grateful for, and it was awesome to hear what everyone was coming up with. Of course we started out with family, friends, faith, health, homes, the important stuff. But as we went on, we talked about gratitude for color, for jean jackets, for treasured pets, for the Internet (amen, sista), for good mail days, for adhesive. It rocked. I certainly got as much out of those classes as anyone who took them.

I also realized that traveling is an art form in itself, that requires the ability to either a) have a packed bag that you just keep packed and take with you everywhere or b) be really good at making mental or physical lists and checking them off. I forget something every time. Sometimes it’s underwear like my last trip to Salt Lake (yikes!). Sometimes it’s more pairs of socks than the ones you wear out the door to the airport (that was THIS trip - broken shoe and only one pair of socks. Nice.) Sometimes it’s something easily replaced, and I console myself every time I get in the car to go to the airport that even though (let’s be honest) I probably forgot something, the chances are good that it’s easily replaced and I’ll be fine.

Then there’s the uncontrollable stuff. Like a shoe breaking in the middle of the airport. I got to the hotel, which is in the middle of downtown Nashville, and I asked at the front desk if there was a mall or a department store within the shuttle’s radius where I could buy some new shoes. No, she says, the closest thing is a mall, 20 minutes away, UNLESS I wanted to visit one of the honkey-tonk stores (she actually said honkey-tonk) and buy some boots or something. Um. No.

So not wanting to spend $100.00 in cab fare for shoes that day, I decided one pair would be just fine. But seriously. No shoe store in the entire downtown? No department store? Ah well. More shopping for me now I’m home! :D (Maybe even those Anthropologie espadrilles I still have in my heart to buy…)

The only other tiny incident was taking my wallet out of my bag (which was behind the info booth) on Friday and carrying it with me to lunch, and then being so stressed and preoccupied that I cannot remember what happened between lunch and about 6 p.m. no joke. So when I came down to buy a Diet. Mt. Dew on Saturday morning and didn’t find my wallet in my bag, I was panicking. I called Jared. Rowen overhears (aren’t kids all so sensitive to the emotional climate? It’s amazing) and says “I’m going to draw a smiley face for mama!”  She got out her orange marker and drew a big smiley face and a bunch of curly hair on a page just for me (and if this is what I’m always remembered for, I will be happy). The picture was waiting on the counter when I got home (*snif*). The good news is, I had taken my wallet to my classroom after lunch, where it had been left undisturbed (amazing again) all night long, and was waiting for me the next morning. Whew. Does someone need a little more mental hard drive capacity and RAM, or what? Or maybe just a defrag.

I hope you had a good weekend. How did you spend your NSD? Shopping, cropping? Several of my favorite digital sites, as well as the CK message board had huge events over the weekend, to get everyone together. Did you attend an online event? I’d love to hear about it.

Play-doh time is calling now.  We are going to make spaghetti and technicolor meatballs.