Happy NSD! Home again.


I just got back into town - had a GREAT time in Nashville. More on that tomorrow. It was SSOOOO much fun, and so exhausting - I only brought two pairs of shoes, and one of them BROKE in the airport on the way there, so I was in the same pair of shoes ALL weekend. Bleh. Sore feet.

I just wanted to give a couple quick things:

- HUGE sale at DesignerDigitals this weekend. Use this code: 1d3799 for 25% off

- Free mini-kit up on CK’s web site in honor of National Scrapbooking day! 

Here’s what you get in the mini-kit:


I hope your NSD was awesome! Mine was! :) It was great to be hanging out with scrappers all day.

Have a great night! Off to have a bath and catch up on some snugglin’. :D