Lion Alarm, Funny, Sprinkler Personalities, and a Little Speculation

Totally still catching up on emails. If it’s been more than a couple of days, I’m sorry! Tomorrow! I’ll love ya tomorrow.

Lion Alarm 

I picked up some of the new Martha Stewart goodies from Michael’s on Saturday, and brought the kids home each one of her irresistible paper-sack puppets. I know, you probably stood in front of these sweet little felt and tissue paper creations and thought to your crafty self, just like I did, “I could make that.”

And then I thought to my crafty self, “But I know I won’t. And it’ll be fun to put together with the kids.” So in the bag they went, a lion and a monkey, and we put them together this morning.


It was 5-minutes easy, since everything is self-adhesive (although I recommend the generous use of add’l glue if you want them to stay stuck - this is unfortunate). I taught Rowen how to push her hand up into the bottom of the upended paper sack, and fold it down over her fingers to make her lion roar.

She ran upstairs and into our room, where Jared was still sleeping (sleeping off a weekend by himself with the kids - totally well deserved), and roared him awake with her lion puppet. He just told me that the most precious moment of his day was opening his eyes this morning to a tissue paper and felt lion head roaring in a sweet little 3-year-old voice.

He wasn’t in the car for this one, though: 


Today. Rowen won the funny, of course. And it went like this (from the backseat, as we were driving to the bookstore after naptime):

“I had a dream, mama, about me when I grow up to be a train.”

“Oh, you had a dream while you napped?”

“Yes. But my brain wasn’t sleeping!”

“How do you know your brain wasn’t sleeping?”

“Because it doesn’t have a bed!”

Ba-dum Bum.

I knew that I had clearly missed some other backstory conversation between her and Jared, in which she learned that her brain doesn’t sleep and instead it dreams, and particularly it dreams about being a train when it grows up. I’m fairly certain she added the part about her brain not having a bed, though.

So then I told her that her brain does have a bed, inside of her head, where it lives all the time. We’ll see what she makes of that.

Sprinkler Personalities 

And did I mention that it was about a kabillion degrees here today? It was in the 70s and gorgeous all weekend in Minnesota, and as hot and sticky as can be around here. That and my weekend visits to Ikea and the Mall of America have me wanting to move back there. That’ll pass in about October, I think.

In the meantime, though, we’ll be doing a lot of this: 


And by this, I mean, Rowen will go nuts getting wet and running in the sprinkler, loving the splash and chill of the water, and Ele, true to his more… conservative nature, will stand on the very edge of the water and wave his hands in it. Sprinklers tend to bring out some of our true personalities, don’t they? Good times ahead!

So, what’s your sprinkler personality?

Changes on

I’ve activated the gallery feature at, if you’re interested in posting layouts from either the downloadable tutorials at DesignerDigitals, or any of my Photoshop Friday lessons (which are slowly making their way over to the Tutorials section at, please feel FREE! It’ll be so much fun to have a collection of layouts based on the Photoshop Fridays and tutorials in the gallery!

 See you Friday for registration day! I’ll be in Buffalo at CKC, but will be anxiously awaiting the big moment! :D


p.s. Located this photo in my set from the wedding, and I couldn’t resist posting. It’s Kirsten’s daughter Kaelyn. Magic. (And perhaps we should speculate - is Nisa grabbing Ben’s butt in this shot? I’m saying yes…)