Congratulations! Tuition winners! And the Weekend. :D

We had close to 200 responses in the forum at for a chance at free tuition. I used my trusty random number generator, and counted post #s, and came up with two winners!

They are:




Congratulations! No need to register - you’re automatically enrolled in the class. But if you could send me a confirmation that you saw this, that’d be awesome. :D

We’ll have more prizes and contests over at soon! Stay tuned! I also posted over there, so if you have questions or would like to come chat, hop on over. :) 


So I thought I’d have way more time to post this weekend. Thought I’d be sort of sitting around, twiddling thumbs. And instead, I arrived on Friday night and went straight to a super low-key party for Nisa and Ben, complete with moonlight bowling in a very cool blacklit alley. I am reminded again that bowling is a sport that takes grace and subtlety and finesse, and not dropping the ball from three feet up and squeezing your eyes shut and hoping it makes it to the other end. I got a couple of spares in the two games we played, and a bunch of 9’s, and had great laughs, and that’s all that matters with bowling anyway (right? that and the whole shared-shoe experience, which is a topic for another day). Mission accomplished.

Saturday afternoon I headed up to ArtsyTartsy in Plymouth. What an awesome store. Even on Memorial Day weekend, quite a few people stopped by to chat and do the make-and-take. It was GREAT fun. I met Beth, who presented me with a HUGE bag of buttered popcorn JellyBellys, and totally enabled me with a bunch of Martha Stewart goodies at Michael’s across the street from Artsy Tartsy, and Linda, who accused me of stalking her through the store (and sucking, because my shoes were clackety). We had Jamba Juice, splurged on some scrappy goodness, and had a great afternoon.

Thank you everyone at Artsy Tartsy, it was awesome!


I hit up Ikea for a little window shopping (since I doubted that the airlines would much appreciate me checking any of the flat-packed boxes I could have carted out of there…), got to see some things in person that I’ve been thinking about getting online.

Dinner rounded out the evening, and I realized how much I miss Minnesota. (Especially when it’s 70 degrees, sunny and gorgeous outside, and not -45 and a blizzard). 

Sunday was GORGEOUS. I was so glad that Nisa’s wedding could be on a perfect, perfect day.

Michele and I had decided to go together and be dates, since both of us were sans husbands for the event. Nisa’s wedding was at a flower farm near Stillwater called Camrose Hill. It was everything that a flower farm should be, complete with rustic cottage, rustic barn, rustic statues, and rustic portable toilets (actually, the toilets were really nice). The ceremony was set up in a grassy field surrounded by trees, and Nisa and Ben were married just as the sun was setting. It was beautiful. I bawled like crazy.

Everyone knows that Nisa’s a photographer. And that many of her friends are scrapbookers. So it should have come as no surprise that the seats on the bride’s side should be full of dSLRs snapping, and photographers popping halfway up out of seats like a strange wedding version of Whack-a-Mole. But there it was. 

Here are a couple of my shots:


My lovely date. :D We decided to go into Stillwater for dinner beforehand, and hit up this place she had a sandwich from “this one time” when she was up there. It was so good, that she still remembered it. Pesto chicken salad with tomato and provolone on focaccia. And you know what? She was right. I hate to get all Rachel Ray on you, but Yum-O!


The two cute flower girls, looking at rocks. 


Entrance gate. 


Awesome mirrored ball in one of the gardens. That’s Me, Michele, and our friend (the gorgeous and 31 weeks pregnant) Susan Weinroth.  


Nisa was a floatie goddess. What else can be said? It was magic. 

It was so her. Every girl should get to say that about her wedding. There was a reading by Kristina Contes, and several guitar numbers, and the presence of many of the kids whom Nisa adores (got a few sweet shots of them). After the ceremony, there was food and dancing (Nisa in a hoodie and a wedding dress, dancing with Ben in his dress blues. Awesome). There was a performance by ComedySportz, and a bonfire, which we stayed at laughing and joking until about 2:30 a.m. It was magic. I am so glad she is my friend, and that she invited me to share this celebration with her.

Today was packing up and flying home, and playing in the sprinkler in the backyard (since it was 90 degrees here in NC today. Another reason to miss Minnesota). I’ll post those pics tomorrow. :)