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It’s Friday!

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We are live. :D

I’m so excited for this! :)

Up  & Running With Photoshop Elements

This is an instructor-led online digital scrapbooking class. It goes for 4 weeks, and has awesome features like video lessons and an email-a-day from me, plus access to the private class message board and gallery. Registration starts June 1. Class starts June 18. Class is limited to 45, but if you go register and post in the forum, you’ll have a chance to win FREE tuition. Nothing like free stuff just for showing up. :)


I’ll be copying all my Photoshop Friday and Paper + Pixels tutorials over to the new site as well, because you’ll notice that you can auto-generate PDF files, print them, or email them, without having to hack through my blog to do it. Yay! And automatic! Double yay!

We (because being married to me means Jared owns this thing, too, by default) will be working out the kinks over the next several days, so don’t be alarmed at slight interface or menu changes, ok? :)

Okay, it is almost 2 a.m. Whew.  Need sleep.  PSF email goes out to The List in a few hours.

Photoshop Friday #20! Fun With Selections, part 2

Countdown, and TWO Funnies (Lucky me! :D)