Countdown, and TWO Funnies (Lucky me! :D)

I suppose that the countdown has begun.

I’m launching my new web site on Friday. You’ll hear a bit more about that in the Photoshop Friday email, but it’ll be my home base for resources on digital and hybrid scrapbooking. I guess it’s a more formalized extension of Photoshop Friday, although that won’t be changing. This blog will stay the same, since it’s my personal musing place, too.

What the site WILL have, though, is really exciting! The new site comes with the new announcement: I’ll be offering my first instructor-led online digital scrapbooking class in June. This first in a series is geared toward beginners, and we’ll go from there. :D Because it’s instructor-led and I’ll be working out the systems that have so far only worked in my head, the enrollment for the beta testers initial class will be small. Much more info on this to come in the next couple days.

So we’ve got just enough time between now (12:40 a.m.) and Friday’s announcement/launch to put the finishing touches on a site that can scale. So excited for this. :)

Elliott Funny 

Elliott actually won today’s funny. He has been talking like crazy lately, and making up all kinds of cute stuff. My favorite is when he says something, and when I repeat it, he says, “Ohhh-kaaay” as if it were my idea all along.

For example:

We sat down to put his sandals on - his brown fisherman sandals, because he’s wearing a blue and red shirt.

He says, “Orange Croc sandals” as plain as day (meaning it was gibberish to anyone who wasn’t his mama).

So I said, “Do you want your orange Croc sandals?”


Just like it was my idea all along. I love it. I should try this out with Jared.

So he won, and he looked great, and who cares if there’s no orange anywhere but his shoes, right?:


Rowen Funny

Rowen wins the runner-up for today by busting out with something so utterly cute I was smiling the whole way home.

We were driving down a street we don’t often go down today, and Rowen looks up from the back seat and says (as we’re passing the water tower), “Hey! There’s the water tower!”

I said, “Yes! That’s right! Did daddy teach you that?”


“Do you know what the water tower stores?”


I said, “That’s right! The water tower stores all the water.” 

So far, so good. She goes quiet for a minute. Then she says,

“Mama, where is the song tower?” 

I thought for a minute and said, “What about our house? Could that be a song tower?”

“Yes, our house has lots of songs.”

I hope that this (and not the minor mama-meltdown of earlier this week) is what she remembers in future days. 

Which brings me to the question: What do you want your kids (or those who love you) to remember about their life with you?