Oops! I left a piece out of my DD tutorial...

I put up a new tutorial at DesignerDigitals on Sunday. (Yay!)

And I went and left the sample layout out of the ZIP download on accident. (Boo!)

If you purchased the tutorial, and you’re wondering where the sample is, I’m updating the package right now, but the file you’re missing is the layout sample, which you can download right here (just click the thumbnail to enlarge, and right-click to Save As).

Click for Larger, then right-click to Save As

Custom Shape in PSE vs. PSCS/CS2/CS3 

One more thing: I’ve gotten a few emails about the custom shape (the file named JSprague_CS2FlagShape.csh) I included in the package. If you are using PSE, you don’t need to install the custom shape at all, so just ignore it. If you’re using PSCS, CS2, or CS3, the instructions for installing the custom shape are in the Read Me First file you’ll see when you unzip the tutorial package.

I apologize if this has caused confusion, but I wanted to make this tutorial available for ALL versions of Photoshop, and the only way to do that was to include the custom shape in the package for the CS/CS2/CS3 users. :)