And they say eating cake for breakfast is bad for you.

Check out the digi eye candy over here tonight!

DigiShopTalk Scrapper’s Choice Awards

I just got the email, went over, and was blown away. Great job, everyone! 


  • My laptop came. Yeah! I’ll take a pic tomorrow. Windows Vista is sexy. I never thought I could say that about a Windows machine and mean it. But I do. :D
  • I went out tonight BY MYSELF and browsed around at TJ Maxx Home Goods. Man, that was fun. Bought a new duvet cover for our bed and a bunch of pillows. Will take pics of that tomorrow, too. :)
  • I will choose the RAKs tomorrow for the Q+A Tuesday.
  • I needed a little mental break. My Warcraft account doesn’t run out til June (darn those pre-pay accounts), so Jared and I created Dranei on the server my sister plays on, and beat up some monsters for an hour or so. To be honest, it was.. eh. :\ About as much fun for me now as playing Windows Solitaire. Which hey, in a pinch, ain’t so bad, right? But the real FUN of Warcraft for me was the huge 40-man raids, beating up the HUGE monsters, and having a great time with the guildies. At least it means more time for other things. And it proves that the purge of this part of my life is complete. :)
  • Registration has opened for CKU Nashville. If you have a laptop, consider taking my class. ;)
  • PSA: If you type (like I just did to get the link for the bullet above), you will NOT go to a scrapbook web site. You will, however, be able to purchase some brand-name underwear. Which is pretty cool too.


Rowen (huge surprise) won the funny of the day. It was extra-cute because it represented the bright spot in the early afternoon today. :)

We went to a big soccer park for a Happy Meal picnic, McD forgets to give us straws. Everyone has chocolate milk all over them, but we finish our lunch and and the kids went off running. So I decided not to open their (crappy) little toys from McD. Threw them away. Thought nobody would notice.

I was wrong.

Rowen remembers right as we’re packing up to leave, “Hey, mama! They didn’t give us a toy!” in the whiniest voice imaginable. (Why are my kids EXTRA whiny when I am tired?)

I say, “Mama didn’t think you wanted your toy.” This was a mistake.

She says, “But I really, really want my toy!” We are now driving away from the soccer park, and perhaps a better woman would have driven back, dug in the garbage and recovered the toy. Not this mama. I was hot, tired, sweaty, and had about | | this much patience left. (Maybe less than that. My computer doesn’t do half-spaces…).  I go for one last-ditch effort to get her mind off of it.

“Rowen, remember that when we’re sad, we can think about happy things that make us smile. What happy thing can you think about that makes you smile?”

“Trains! I will think about trains because they make my face smile!”

5 seconds of silence. I can FEEL her beaming at me from the back seat. Then back to, “But I really, really want my toy!”


More tomorrow. It’s late.