DayBeforeEaster, Twinklin' Stars, and such things.

We dyed Easter eggs this morning. Elliott was an onlooker this time (yeah, I’m not that crazy), but Rowen jumped right in, and we kept having to remind her not to get too excited and spill something. :P Pics later (camera is downstairs, and I’m such a bum. :P).

I’ve been wandering through all the links you’ve been posting in your Top 10 Lists! You are awesome! Here are a couple of discoveries:

  • DarlyBird. LOVE the products on this site. So bright and fun. Thank you for pointing this one out!
  • And little felt animals so sweet you just want to cry. Seriously. I would have a whole collection of these lined up on the shelf next to my printer, and just look over at them and cover my mouth with my fingertips and giggle every time I saw them. Wish she sold on Etsy (if anyone wants to contact her and mention it.. I’d totally show up and buy all her stuff). But it looks like she does sell from her own site, in Brazil (and hence the site is in Portuguese): Mondopanno.  

Jared is working intently on his own recreational programming project (his words), building a new Java mailing engine for our newsletter (since the other one has given us so much trouble). Am I the only one who thinks geeks are hot? Wooooo-weeeee! :D

And me, I’m just wandering around the internet trying to avoid a few projects due. It’s SATURAY after all, right? ;)

We had a failed attempt at a haircut for Rowen, which reminded us again of the same thing we were reminded of right before Christmas, when we tried to get Elliott’s hair cut: people always procrastinate haircuts til the last minute before a known photo op. And 6 people in line to have hair cut 15 minutes before Great Clips’ closing time just isn’t a good sign. So Rowen is a little overgrown in her Easter photos. Meh. Worse things could happen.

It was way cold today. Like 50. The neighborhood was deserted. And now I’m talking like a local. We postponed our Easter egg hunt until tomorrow in the hopes that it’ll be warmer. And if not, we’ll put hoodies on and head out anyway. (Sorry to those still snow-bound!)

We were actually noting that Easter is a really big deal around here. At least in the whole Easter Bunny/Basket/Egg/Hunt/Marshmallow Peep kind of way (who EATS those things, anyway? yech. The stuff of nightmares). Maybe it’s having kids who are getting old enough that we can’t sneak by without a basket of some kind. Maybe it’s a Southern thing. Or, more likely, a warmth thing.  70 degrees and dogwoods (thank you for teaching me these!) and azaleas in full bloom just FEELS like spring, where 2 feet of snow and your down parka and snow boots covering up your new Easter dress, and not being able to leave the house except to go to church and back, just loses some of the magic somehow. Maybe that’s it.

It also could be that I’m paying attention to holidays for the first time in like 15 years, because they’re fun again. Every holiday is an opportunity for pure delight, new and fresh and uncynical,  and for Rowen’s voice to get that shrillness of pure excitement when we say, “Do you want to dye some Easter eggs?” And she says, “Easter eggs?! EASTER EGGS!? You betcha!”

Funny of the Day: Fourteen 

But the funny of the day belongs to Elliott, who just learned to say the word fourteen. He gets that it’s a number, but doesn’t really get where it goes in the sequence, or even that it’s actually only one number, rather than the number of any numbered thing. So lots and LOTS of things are fourteen right now. Hey, when you get a new hammer, everything looks like a nail, right?

So we were counting balloons in the Sandra Boynton Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs book before bed tonight, and I said, “How many balloons are there, Ele?”

He points to one. “Fou-teen.”

He points to the second one. “Fou-teen.”

He points to the third one. “Fou-teen.” 

And when he got done with the seven balloons pictured on the page, he started over again. We reached fourteen a couple of times, I think. It was awesome.

Twinkle, Twinkle, My Little Star

And lastly, since it’s  getting late, I’ll just leave you with a recording that Jared and Rowen did the other night, messing around with headphones and microphones and the Windows audio recorder. :) Here is my magical girl, singing one of her favorite songs (and one of mine, too):

 Rowen (age 3) singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

(MP3 audio, will open in whatever your default MP3 player is).


 Isn’t she a star? Yeah. :)