ARG! Technology issues w/The List

Okay, we have spent some time figuring out our email list.

Somehow, only 160 people got the email this time - so we are re-sending using a different method.

My apologies to those of you that’ll get this twice. Sorry for the extra. But we want to make sure that EVERYONE who is on the list gets Meredith’s very generous coupon code for this week!

The emails are starting to go out now. They’ll be sending in batches every hour, so if you haven’t  received the newsletter from me by 6pm EST, feel free to send me an email (contact is over there on the right) and I’ll get the newsletter out to you.

Technology is awesome. It enhances our life and enables us to do so many things we’d never be able to otherwise.

Some days it also makes us want to throw ourselves in front of traffic.  

Which day today is, is still pending.

So is your email.

Thank you!! :)