Self-Fulfilling Wednesday?

I’m starting to wonder if Wednesdays are only bad now because I noticed that they are OFTEN my hardest day of the week, and now I just plan and expect it to be bad and it is?

Is this even possible? Sort of the Wednesday of  Self Defeat?

But clearly, the HUNDREDS of ants that moved in overnight didn’t know it was Wednesday, right? (OR DID THEY?)

I walked down with the kids at 7:15 a.m. to get them set up for breakfast, and found ants everywhere. Countertop, stove, table, high chair, everywhere.  So maybe this Wednesday thing has some merit, huh? Maybe it’s not all me… 

We’ve had a few ants here and there, never more than 5 or 6 in any one place - easy to clean up and chalk up to that darned North Carolina “winter” that doesn’t kill things (including people, so that’s ok..), but THIS. THIS was a declaration of war.

They came at us from all fronts - by land and sea and some mysterious place behind the stove. I spent an hour with a can of Raid cleaning up. Still unshowered. Still in my p.j.’s. We called Terminix.

Terminix guy (a very nice southern salesman) shows up 30 minutes later. Awesome prompt service, but I only had time to throw on the same clothes I wore yesterday, still unshowered.

The Terminix guy said, let’s get you set up (he was the same guy from the termite inspection last week. We have no termites, but we are blooming with ants). He calls the office to set an appointment.

 His phone conversation goes like this:

“You know, Christine, as ant problems go, these folks don’t have a bad one, but they are from Minnesota, and don’t know what it can be like down here.”

<he listens> 

“The lady of the house is a little distraught (me in the background: they are in my stove! they are in my toaster! They were on my son’s high chair! And I’m thinking.. so how many ants do you have to have for it to be a bad problem? And then I block of that train of thought, cause it can lead nowhere good.) and I think we should send someone right away.”

<he listens> 

To me: “Someone will come tomorrow between 2-4.”


Apparently the “poor Minnesotan wimps that never saw an ant pile” tactic worked to our benefit, and we have someone coming out tomorrow. Begone, ants!

I guess it’s some combination of the time of year, and the fact that it’s a Wednesday that caused this. They were here all along, he says, and it’s not my fault - no amount of cleaning can prevent them - you only do what you can to keep them away. 

After that, it was like a big snowball rolling downhill. Legs sticking out. Uprooting trees on the way. Everything. 

So by the time Jared walked in the door at 5 (having been called in desperation at 10 after 4 to please come home early today if he could swing it), mama is nasty, sticky, unshowered, in the same clothes as yesterday, kids are whiny and overtired and somehow still managed not to nap well (it was about 45 mins between them), and everyone is generally in a super bad state. I just dropped them off at his feet, and ran for the shower.  Ahh. The simple things. I feel like a human being again instead of some creature from the swamp lagoon.

Which brings me to:

The Code of the Blinds.

We have 3 individual blinds in our front window, and I often open the middle one to look out, especially when I’m waiting for someone (i.e. daddy to come home, babysitter to come, Gabby to come, UPS truck to come, etc.) Jared knows that if only one blind is open, or they’re all shut, he can take his leisurely time coming in after work.

If ALL of the blinds are open, it means there was MUCH looking out, with a MUCH higher degree of impatience, and he probably ought to come running in.

If ALL of the blinds are open and the door is open, and I’m standing there with one or more kids clinging on to some part of me, he better not even stop the car before leaping out.

Let’s just say that today, we were out on the front lawn. Self-fulfilling Wednesday, after all. 

The funny thing is, I just realized last week that I do this, and mentioned it to him, and it became official. Before that it was just a quirk. But give it a name, and it’s a full-blown neurosis, right? ;) Jared is a very good rescuer. I will take some photos of the Code of the Blinds. I think that needs to be a layout. :D

Blue Kips 

So let’s talk about Blue Kips. Totally not part of Wednesday. I took these photos yesterday, on KFD Tuesday, during that most-of-the-time happy time after everyone wakes up from their nap. (For the record, that was NOT the case today, in which everyone was whiny and crying and throwing tantrums of varying intensity - Self-Fulfilling Wednesday, after all).

So what is a blue kip? None other than Elliott’s favorite new toy of the past couple weeks:

Click for Larger
Remember how I mentioned that I never shower (or get ready afterward, for that matter) by myself? I’m usually accompanied in the bathroom by Mr. Ele-man, who finds the Blue Kips in the bottom drawer of the vanity. Who knows what the attraction is? But they disappear pretty fast when he gets his hands on the bag. Blue Kips are now just one of the many random things I find throughout the house.

I have some layouts to do tonight, much work, working on my web site (it’ll be up SOON!), a pile of email, etc. Wednesdays. I tell you.

Do you have a secretly (or openly) loathed day of the week? Think it’s a self-fulfilling thing, and I should just pretend it’s Friday? :P