psst...One more thing

If you have not signed up on the email list, now-ish would definitely be a good time. Right over on the right there. Just enter your email address, confirm when we send you an email, and boom. Goodies, coupons, and mucho love every Friday in your inbox. Being on The List will make you better looking, too. Seriously.

If you have already signed up (and therefore are already starting to feel those beautifying effects) but haven’t gotten an email for a week or two now, we’ve been having some little growing-pain type issues with the size of the list and our web host thinking we’re sending out spam (SPAM! As if!). So that should definitely be cleared up this week (as they have seen the error of their ways and will let us send out more than a couple emails an hour now). And you will be the guinea pig… ahem.. er.. beta tester!

But if beauty divine isn’t enough motivation, how’s this: This week’s PSF features products from the AMAZINGLY talented Meredith Fenwick, and she has sent over a super-generous coupon code that’ll go out in this week’s newsletter.

Yeah. Looking forward to Friday. :D (and it doesn’t hurt that Wednesday’s almost over, either..)