A little note.

So. Overnight you might have noticed a couple of changes.

For nearly 9 months I’ve been at this blog address. Hopefully you’ve gotten some good information here. Stuff that has really helped you in your Photoshop endeavors.

As the popularity of this blog has grown (a good thing!) the costs to maintain it, which have always come out of my own pocket, have skyrocketed. I’ve exceeded bandwidth usage every month in 2007. Still a good thing, right? LOTS of people like you are finding this site useful, sharing links with your friends, creating scrapbook pages to tell the stories of your life, and having a great time. I don’t want that to change, because I LOVE that this is happening.

So here comes the tradeoff. As I’ve had to face the reality that this blog is becoming a large cost to me, even as great as it is as a resource, I’ve decided to include some advertorial sections here, to help offset the cost that this blog is to maintain.  I think both Google and Amazon do a good job of keeping things relevant. If you find something you like, by all means, click it. If you don’t, that’s ok too. :)

And that’s all I have to say about that. ;)