Stuff (italicized), Lemon Bars, hopscotch, and 25 bucks.

Do you ever have those days when you feel totally buried by stuff? And the only reason it stops is because you sort of give it up for the day and move on to something else? Certainly not for lack of stuff. For me, that’s today, and this is what I’ve given the stuff up in favor of. Need some unwinding. Need not to look at ANY MORE scrapbook stuff for a few hours, and instead think about my determined celebration of life. :) Because, while I’m buried by scrapbook stuff, today isn’t the day where I actually got to DO any scrapping. *sigh* Sort of like those days where you so want to hang out at the mall and shop, but instead you go to the post office and the bank and the grocery store. Yep. SO one of those kind of days. Mucking out the stalls, as it were. ;)

But there does come a point where you just have to put the pitchfork (or mouse) down and be like no. I’m going to have a bath, and then down to the kitchen for lemon bars (I didn’t mention that I made lemon bars yesterday! First time evah! Okay, it was from a box, and the only thing I really added was the powdered sugar at the end. But they are GOOD), and then go read The Chosen some more. Now THAT sounds like fun. :) Here’s to re-claiming the evening! 

Aw! Only 25 bucks! 

But first, I gotta say. Rowen won the funny of the day today, which should come as no surprise to anyone. She is the MOST Attentive, Secret-Listenin’, Little Spongey Environment-Soaker-Upper I ever knew. She ought to wear that on a little banner and have a tara to match. And maybe a wand and some sparklie shoes. Okay, maybe not the sparklie shoes, too much Good Witch Glenda there. But definitely the banner.

This is a two-parter, with backstory. First, the backstory. We decided to go out after naptime and play with our new sidewalk chalk on the driveway. Rowen says, “Mama, help me draw a square so I can play hopscotch.”

My turn for the whole open-mouthed stare that she caught Jared with a few weeks ago.

First off.

I have no idea where she even learned about hopscotch. I’m fairly certain they don’t play it in the Cars movie, which is basically the only thing she watches.

Secondly, I’m also fairly certain that she doesn’t know how to jump from two feet onto one foot. Sort of a prerequisite to hopscotch, and it’s amazing how complicated this is (have you tried it lately? Complicated stuff!).

So I’m thinking ok, I’ll draw you some hopscotch - maybe she just heard the word somewhere and knew it was made out of squares? drawn with chalk? seriously, where did she learn this?

So I drew a (really crappy) hopscotch board. Clearly out of practice there (I think I drew my last one when I was about 7). And she proceeds to jump into the two squares at the top of it, one foot in each square. So I’m wrong about #1. She does know how. Then she tries with all her 3-year-old might to jump onto one foot in the middle square. Sorta doesn’t happen - okay mostly doesn’t. But I can’t believe she knows what to DO with a hopscotch board. Here’s my favorite:


Action shot! Yeah! :D So we’ll work on the one-foot thing. And we’ll watch Cars again and check very closely for signs of hopscotch.

The second funny happened just after this one. 

Jared came home while we were playing in the driveway. He checked the mail, and said to me, “Guess what! You got a check!” (I’ve been waiting for that, you see). He handed me the envelope and said, in his best cynical voice, “How much is it for? Like 25 bucks?” 

Turns out my check was for $75. But hey, I’ll take it.

The true funny part is when Jared handed Rowen a piece of junkmail (the kids love to help us get the mail - there’s always something in there for them! Catalogs! Credit card offers! Pest control ads! Yahooo!). She opened the envelope (it was a credit card offer), and said in this really disappointed voice,

“Aw! It’s only twenty-five bucks!”


Ha. If I had 25 bucks for every credit card offer I get in the mail… So today she’s a hop-scotcher who listens WAY too well to mama and daddy’s chats over her head… and gets mysterious checks cleverly disguised as credit card offers. Lucky girl. 

Tomorrow is Photoshop Friday Live over at DesignerDigitals. You know what that means! We’ll be chatting at 10 pm EST tomorrow night, and the tutorial will go up over here on the blog on Saturday morning. Looking forward to that! :)

Have a great night! Happy Lemon Bars to all!