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Everyday Beauty Album


If you were interested in purchasing the Everyday Beauty album, designed by Ali Edwards, I recommend heading over and getting that done. Less than 10% of the stock remains at this point.

All of the albums are up now, so you can see them right over here, as well as pick one up. And I know that many of you are digi, so check out the awesome bonus CD that comes along! Yay!

My project is in the idea gallery now (just click on Idea Gallery on that page, and then click on the Idea Gallery tab in the new window that appears). I had GREAT fun putting this together - even did some curving Photoshop text for the journaling (demonstrating yet again what great lengths I’ll go to in order to avoid my own handwriting). I used a mixture of old and newer photos, as well as some quotes I really like. I think my mama will like it. :D

I learned as well that I stink at rubber stamping. Stamping makes me nervous. I mess it up a lot. Then I get frustrated because there’s no Ctrl-z. But being able to place an image anywhere still has its merits, so I’ll keep plugging away, and try not to let my cold sweat drip onto the project I’m working on as I poise above it with shaking hands and a fully-inked stamp.

Tips? Suggestions? I remember being good at rubber stamping at one point in my life. That was before Photoshop brushes, though. When I was making things like cards that say “You are tweet” and “Some-bunny loves you”. Which are great and all, but not really the kind of stuff I say in normal conversation.

More later. I just wanted to get this up. :) 


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