6 random weird things about myself. 6 and only 6. Any topic. Any category. Harder than you think to come up with this stuff. But here goes:

1. I am a huge fan of cold drinks. More specifically, Diet Mt. Dew. Can or bottle. Straight up or on ice.

2. Two words: Sour candy. I’m a big fan of snacks that bite back. ;)

3.  My latest favorite thing: Doing logic puzzles in the tub. How nerdy is that?

4.  The coolest thing I’ve learned lately: I love P.G. Wodehouse! Can’t wait to get more of his books!

5.  Least favorite foods include mushrooms, root beer, any kind of meat that is still on the bone (ew!), and any kind of seafood (although I do love a bowl of clam chowder in San Francisco-the only city in the world where I’ll eat it).

6. My favorite article of clothing is a nice button-down shirt. So flattering. So comfy. I almost always dress in solid colors. Just like my scrapbook pages. ;)

Alright! I would like to hear your 6 random things! Post on your blog or right here, then tag a few more people! :D

And specifically I would like to hear from Wendy, Ana, Courtney (congrats, girl!), Ms. Gluestick (congrats to you, too, girl!), and Molly. Let the fun begin!