Note to Self

I was thinking about this phrase yesterday, as I was working on something, and my little inner monologue (which sometimes sounds like me, and sometimes like other people) said, “Note to self: Use repositionable adhesive.”

And then it started me off on this tangent. Yes. Short attention span at work. But I like tangents. I follow tangents because it’s interesting to see where they lead.

Like this one here: Notes to Self.

Especially the second orange one, which I should write down as a note to my own self:

Note to self: Make things. Don’t stop making things.

Note to self: Start a rainbow-colored list of notes to self. Very cool idea. A little like my “Resolution #642” idea about reading more poetry, but maybe even a little cuter. Especially if it’s rainbow colored. This guy who owns this web site has some amazing artwork in his portfolio, too. An unexpected treat for Googling “Note to self” with quotes to get exact matches. :)

 So what does your notes to self list look like?

Mine probably does not need to include this one:

Note to self: Read more. 

Proof: I walked in the other day and noticed this (formerly known as my nightstand), laughed out loud, and had to take a photo.


This is the accumulation of at least a month. Maybe two months. Let’s see.. on the stand at this time are:

 Maybe she reads too much? Maybe.

But then again, nah.

More on the Notes to Self tomorrow.  Don’t stop making things.