Surprise dinner, Greatest Friend, and Rowen

I’m here eating a plate of spaghetti. With a side of garlic bread.

It’s 11:45 p.m.

And I have the best husband in the WHOLE WORLD.

I have proof. *pointing to spaghetti*

Here is the backstory. Jared stood up from his programming (newsletter engine - gets tested on Friday! hi guinea pigs beta testers!) at 11:00 and said,

“Hey! We didn’t eat dinner! Want a grilled cheese quesadilla and some salsa?”

(This is his specialty, and to my knowledge the only thing but toast that he can cook with confidence). And he asks me this as if it is not,  indeed, the only thing he ever wants at 11 p.m., or 2 a.m. or noon, whenever hunger strikes, and as if it will come as a total surpise to me that it’s what he wants.  It doesn’t. And no, no quesadilla for me. I say so.

And I also throw in (cause I am feeling testy this evening) something to the effect of, “You ALWAYS make those, how can you stand to eat them so often?” For some reason the thought of melted cheese on a tortilla is kinda gross. Bleh.

He disappears. Presumably to make his quesadilla and eat it downstairs. And then I go back to helping Nisa with a Photoshop issue, downloading new songs from iTunes, making files for my upcoming project, and generally doing way too much at one time. 30 mins later?

He comes up with a plate full of spaghetti in his hand. With sauce. And grated parmesan cheese. And *sob* garlic toast! And he hands it to me. How much does that rock? If it weren’t nearly midnight I would take a photo and scrap this. Proof. He’s the best. And now I need to go and grovel for being so testy about the quesadilla thing. But seriously. Those things are bad for you.


Thank you for all the music suggestions! Keep them coming!

I found a GREAT song Jared and I listened to a lot back in Minnesota and had lost track of. It’s from this old psych-folk band called The Incredible String Band (modest, no?). The song is Greatest Friend. Here’s the itunes link. Here are the words:


Greatest Friend
By Mike Heron
Mike: guitar and harmonica

The greatest friend I have in life
Has brought me here to dwell
Awhile among your green green hills
All by the watery well
The water from that wondrous well
Has made my eyes to see
And loosed my tongue to sing with joy
That such a friend can be
The greatest friend I have in life
Was hidden long from me
Above the mountains cold and wide
Beneath the sacred tree
That sacred tree whose bark I touched
Whose leaves did tell to me
The ancient tales that made me sure
My friend would come to me
My greatest friend a song has given
To sing where I may go
To sing among the green green hills
And where the waters flow
The waters from that wondrous well
That made my eyes to see
And made my mind to ever show
My greatest friend to me.

It is so cool. Kind of allegorical. Kind of Tolkien-esque, if Tolkien were ever to sing and play guitar and harmonica. JUST my kind of thing for those mellow moods. :)

Rowen - Funny AND Heartbreakingly Sweet.

Rowen won the funny of the day today, which is no surprise. We met Jared for lunch, and he inadvertently put her kid’s meal toy in his pocket when he carried her out to the car. She, in her typical 3-year-old steel-trap fashion, latched on to the idea that her toy was missing, and kept talking about it the WHOLE way to the mall for a carousel ride, and the WHOLE time we were at the mall, and the WHOLE way home.

So, smart mama, I finally decide to appeal to her generous nature, and say, “Thank you so much for letting daddy play with your toy at his Red Hat work today! He will bring it home when he comes home tonight!”

And she says with all the indignity she can muster, “But WHY is daddy playing with my toy? He’s not a kid!”


But thankfully, daddy did remember to bring the toy home, and quit playing with KID toys. Geesh.

And I went in to wake her up from her nap, to find this:


She had fallen asleep reading her very favorite story on the planet: The Little Engine that Could (or, “The Train Story” as she calls it). The pictures in this version are so cute. And she has every.single.word memorized.

This is a precious photo to me. It has so much of HER in it. My girl at Just-Turned-Three. She has her “friends” around her: Tractor Water (the big yellow Scoop), and the toy plane she got for her birthday (called Wings), as well as plenty of books. And she can’t go to sleep at all without “Greenie Blanket”. Her nightlight is glowing night and day, and she is sleeping on a pillow she stole from our bed (her pillow is on the floor there). But I definitely know she’s my girl when she falls asleep reading. I just stood there in misty-eyed silence for a couple of minutes, and then went running for the camera - somthing she prompts in me almost every day. :)

PSF is coming up! Stay tuned! :)