I wouldn't otherwise be here, but here I am...

I have this crazy goal. This darned goal. That keeps me from going to bed right now when I’m pretty tired, and Jared’s already in there snoring. My goal is to blog every day. To capture some of this little funny life I have so I can share it with you, and so I can have it for myself to look back on.

Anyway, Jared worked 13 hours today, which is the life of a software engineer right before the handoff of a huge project. You work long. You drink much soda. You eat many doritos and much pizza (cold or warm), and then you go home at 10 p.m. and hope QA finds no bugs during the night. Back up at 6 a.m. to do it again.

Meantime, wifey (ah, nobody has ever called me wifey. I think that’s kind of cute - anybody call you wifey?) takes the kids out to the park to exhaust play with them, then to dinner, and then to Target for a huge bag of Jelly Bellies, as promised earlier in the day. It is way easier knowing in advance that I’ll have them all night. Isn’t that crazy? It’s like you can steel yourself for the long haul. Keep the blinds down, knowing nobody is coming around that bend to the rescue. And just enjoy it. Deliberate celebration. Savoring this evening alone with my kids. Enjoying their sweetness and pushing off every other duty to another time. I need to do this more often. Resolution #642.

Funny, and we’ve been laughing since Saturday. 

Speaking of which. Rowen’s latest funny. Actually from Saturday, ok. But so funny it has poured over into today. We were at Target (see a pattern here), and Elliott and I were headed over for some last-minute Easter stuff, while Jared took Rowen over by the toys so she wouldn’t see. They pass that bane of every toddler parent’s existence - the huge wire cage with the huge rubber balls in it. Rowen says,

“Daddy, did you get paid yet?”

Daddy (not knowing where this conversation might lead - although by the time she is 13 he had better have it figured out):  “Yes, I did get paid.”

“Then you can buy me a new ball!”

The backstory: Turns out, that the last time he and Rowen were there, she wanted a new ball (our old ball was loved too much, and deflated, gradually “losing its fly” over the course of about a week - talk about a long, slow death), and instead of saying no, or just buying her the ball at the time, he told her he’d buy it for her when he got paid.

A steel trap.

That girl has a memory like a steel trap. (It snaps up information, and then it comes back to bite you unsuspecting.)

And yes, we bought the ball. What else can you do in the face of irrefutable logic and a perfect photographic memory, but cough up the $2.50? 

Need Some Tunes 

I listened to a great song on my Pandora    station today -  from Dispatch. I think I might get their album Bang Bang, even though I’m definitely not much of an album-buyer these days. If I’m wearing headphones and trying to construct coherent sentences (that do not have too many parentheticals, as has been pointed out to me…), I tend to like mellower stuff that doesn’t get in the way of rational thought. Stuff like John Mayer, the clean versions of James Blunt, some old-school Tom Waits, and this GREAT album from Seu Jorge, from the movie The Life Aquatic. I’m a sucker for a scratchy voice and spare instrumentals.

On the other hand, if I need background music to anything but journaling, I like it to have a funky beat (I will admit to Nelly Furtado here, plus a few from Gwen S…). :)

What music do you like to work to? I’m needing to grab some more music for the long weekend ‘o work I have ahead. And you know if I’m talking weekend by Tuesday night, it’s been a long day.

Lots of cool  stuff coming up though! :)

  • Heading to CKU next week to teach my first hybrid classes. So excited for this!
  • Book signing at Carolina Memories April 27
  • Big new project upcoming, released on the 29th. ;) More on this later… 
  • Heading to CKC Nashville May 4-5
  • Book signing at Paper Playground May 12 

And so forth. Cool stuff. Exciting stuff. It feels like there is becoming room at the crop table for paper scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking, and the crazy mix of in-between. Pen or mouse in hand, everyone is welcome. I love that. :) Are you feeling it, too?

There. Glad I stayed up for this. :)