Every rock needs another rock (and a microwave).

The past few days have been tough. Just kind of feeling under the weather, very sleepy, totally in hole-up mode. That doesn’t bode well for my personal committment to blog every day. But I’m here, I promise. :)

But without a microwave… here is the story.


We bought a new ‘microhood’ to replace the one that was here when we bought the house. The last of the stainless appliances to go in. The man comes to install it yesterday, gets our old one off the wall and out to his truck, opens up the box with our shiny new microwave, and oh no.

Our shiny new microwave has a HUGE dent in it. Like it was dropped off of some high cliff, and now it’s full of twisted metal and radiation leaks and all sorts of bad things. We so can’t have this microwave. So our installer calls Sears. They say it’ll be 3 weeks. That’s two weeks to get a new one in, and then another week to schedule the guy to come back to install it.

Now, I am 31. Just barely old enough to remember the very first (giant) microwave my parents bought. But not old enough to remember life without one, because clearly I wasn’t doing much cooking/reheating at age 5.No microwave for 3 weeks? How do you make popcorn? How do you make hot chocolate?   How do you make frozen veggies? But mainly I’m missing microwave popcorn. *sigh*

We’re waiting until our salesperson comes back in, which is tomorrow, to see what more can be done. Because truly.  3 weeks. Let’s hope for all our sakes that it doesn’t come to that.


I’ve gotten the chance in the past few days to just be there for a few people. No words spoken, really, aside from company shared (in person and online), and I’m reminded of how important friends are, to see us through the rough patches. And that every person who is a rock at some point, in turn needs another rock to lean on (thank you, Wendy). Pretty cosmically beautiful, don’t you think? It’s a privilege to be part of real-life communities and online communities, part of the give-and-take that is friendship.


I’ve been doing some research for my upcoming venture (more on that soon), and I found a VERY cool open-source desktop publishing/page layout program called Scribus. I’ve been playing with it for a couple of days now, and exploring what it has to offer. I used Adobe FrameMaker in a previous life, and this is quite similar. Best of all, it is cheap as free.

You’ll notice that when you go to jessicasprague.com you’re rerouted here. That’ll be changing in the next couple of weeks. I LOVE being in this dreaming-big and working-hard stage (despite the under-the-weather weekend). It’s just clearing up the little fiddly bits where I sometimes lose track of stuff. :P

Aside from that, I just wanted to say thanks. I LOVE your layouts and digital/hybrid successes. I love it when you share them with me. I know the extra effort it takes to do that, and I appreciate it. :) 

Have a good (microwave) evening, full of (microwave) joy and (microwave) popcorn…