Give, Said the Little Stream

As I sit here tonight and the sounds of “Give, Said the Little Stream” waft in from Rowen’s room, where Jared is singing to her, I just feel grateful. And tired.

We had a good day. A busy day. A lots-of-errands day, and then BLISS: naptime. I love that I’m guaranteed 2.5 hours every day of quiet. Wow. What a blessing. What a necessity. Today I worked on a tutorial that will be going up at CK online in the next couple weeks. Photoshop Friday will be changing somewhat in the next month - two of our PSFs a month will actually be hosted at CK online, rather than here. Same great info, much bigger audience. Many more PSFers to come play with pixels and paper and glue. Can’t wait! :D

We had a picnic in the park for lunch.  Rowen made her daddy a heart-shaped sand cake. She brought it to him all the way over from the sandbox, with a stick candle in it. :D


I snapped a few pictures of the brand-new leaves coming out on the trees (these are non-stinky, purple trees, with these heart-shaped leaves, anyone know what they are?) 


And these BEAUTIFUL white (also non-stinky) white blossoms:


Then errands, errands, errands. We drove away from Target today, grateful for a store where, with a 3 year old and an almost-2-year old, you can go in, and in the space of 30 minutes, get whole milk and pasta, frozen ravioli, parmesan cheese, a front porch rug, and a pair of kid shoes, all from the same store. How much does that rock? THIS is why I live in the suburbs. There will probably come a day when our life won’t revolve around the big T. But that day is not today.

We also stopped by Borders and picked up the children’s version of Where’s My Cow?, by Terry Pratchett. So, SO cute. And you don’t even need to have read Thud first, although it helps. I also picked up a book of logic puzzles. Love doing these in the tub. What a nerdy pleasure. :P (Tell me I’m not alone!). And I also spied a few copies of Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking there in the magazine aisle. So it looks like it’s out, a full 2 weeks early. Awesome. That was a truly cool experience. Ele went right up to the cover and said, “Mama!” LOL. Aww..

Tomorrow is Jared’s 30th birthday, AND April Fool’s day. (So if you’ve been paying attention you’ll see that I’m nearly 2 years older than he is. ;). We’re not too big into the whole April Fool’s bit over here, but he does have some fun birthday stuff coming up: Sleeping in, breakfast in bed, streamers, cupcakes, homemade cards, (ahem…photo ops), lemon chicken for dinner, that kind of thing.

And what did he want more than all the world for his birthday? (Well, aside from the car he bought a couple weeks ago - still awaiting good photos for that.) Memory. Yes, there’s my geeky boy in action, deciding to take the plunge and upgrade to 2 GB of RAM. He built his own computer over 3 years ago, after researching for 6 months. This is the first upgrade he has needed, and I think that is SO cool. So he gets memory, that he picked out himself. Well, happy birthday, honey!

And is anyone else like me, and has been popping over to Ali’s blog quite a bit today to check the badge progress? She is nearing $50,000.00. WE are nearing it. It is so cool to be part of such a cause. A worthy cause, that you can SEE the progress for. Man, is that cool. The energy over there in her posts, and in the comments, and on the message boards where I see positive threads, is almost palpable. Each person lending a few bucks to a cause rolls in to a GREAT good work. Which brings me back to the song wafting in from Rowen’s room:

Give, said the little stream,

Give, oh give, give oh give.

Give, said the little stream,

As it hurried down the hill.

I’m small, I know, but wherever I go,

The grass grows greener still.

 One of the leaders of the LDS church, Jeffrey R. Holland, said something in a talk once, years ago, that has stuck with me. He said:

“To worthy causes and needy people, we can give time if we don’t have money, and we can give love when our time runs out.” (The full text of the talk is here).”

Nothing more needs to be said there, except that there’s always room for more love in the world, when our time  (or money) for giving has run out. That’s something I need to work on.